Greentech by Trainelec is an ambitious initiative developed by Trainelec, aimed at providing a range of more efficient products which are also more environmentally friendly.

The main values of Greentech by Trainelec are:

  • Technology: we produce products which are both sustainable and environmentally friendly; we are committed to a better world
  • Efficiency: we develop state-of-the-art technology products, tailor-made to suit our customers’ requirements
  • Ecology: we optimise energy consumption and minimise maintenance end energy costs, as well as the impact on the environment

Energy storage systems for trains

Our energy storage systems are composed of a DC/DC converter, which manages the energy charge and discharge of the super capacitor, and an energy storage module, which stores the energy into the batteries and super capacitors.

Energy storage system for trams

Evodrive is a system based on super capacitors which improves the energy efficiency of the train by recovering the energy released during braking. Evodrive is especially suited for trams, where the recovery with a conventional traction system is low, since the energy cannot normally be returned to the overhead power wire. This permits approximately 35% energy savings compared with a traditional system.

Energy storage system with catenary-free circulation

Freedrive is a system which incorporates the energy advantages of the Evodrive but, in addition, allows the vehicles to run without the need of catenaries between stops, making it possible to eliminate the use of overhead power wires between stops. It can be also equipped with batteries which allow the train to operate in back-up mode.

Energy storage system benefits

Our energy storage systems have the following benefits:

  • Energy supply optimisation
  • Allows vehicles to run in catenary-free sections
  • Reduced investment in infrastructure
  • Reduced visual pollution
  • Applicable to any type of rolling stock
  • Approximately 35% of energy saving
  • Up to 1,400m in catenary-free operation mode
  • Fast charging process, only 20s are required
  • Proven technology: tram in Seville, equipped with Greentech technology, already in revenue service