Termoresine’s core market is electrical insulation: bus-bars, conductors, insulated power connections and joint coverings are our standard products.

In order to achieve excellent insulating properties we use top-end epoxy powders and resins that create hard coatings. These products can be applied on many surfaces, both metallic and non-metallic.

Resins and powders for flexible coatings, thermal insulation and outdoor coatings

Silicone elastomer and PVC-based resins are used for flexible coatings, and in particular for joint coverings. In recent times we have been working with several other products, such as silicone powder for thermal insulation products, and polyester for outdoor coatings.

Electrical and thermal resistant epoxy powder

Maicro Elt 517.70.09 is a high-end epoxy powder with superior electrical and good thermal resistance. We apply it with fluid-bed technology and it can easily coat any shape. It provides excellent insulation and resistance when safety is mandatory.

This high-end epoxy powder has great all-round characteristics, including:

  • F=0 smoke emission according to AFNOR NF 16-101.
  • Temperature range between -50°C and +130°C, with no registered change
  • High dielectric strength

This coating has been very successful in the traction market.

Silicone elastomer for electrical traction insulation

TCS 7514 is a strong and durable silicone elastomer. Using a dipping technology we can easily produce many kinds of protective systems, in small to medium numbers, without the high starting cost of injection moulds.

Its strength lies in:

  • Flexibility
  • Thermal resistance
  • F=1 and I=3 smoke emission according to AFNOR NF 16-101

Thanks to these characteristics our joint coverings are highly appreciated in the electrical traction field.

Along with those products, specifically developed for electrical traction, we use several other coatings, each developed for a specific application.

Liquid electrical insulation coatings

Resodip 647 and Aliseal PVC 086/C are liquid coatings able to withstand severe climatic conditions. They possess high mechanical and ageing resistance and are specially fitted in-house for insulated bars.

New thermal compounds and coatings

Among the new products in Termoresine’s range are polyurethane casting compounds, Araldite® epoxy coating, silicone and polyester coatings, each developed to fulfil a very wide range of needs and applications.

Thanks to these new developments we can provide coatings specific for UV outdoor protection, thermal resistance, high mechanical and electrical resistance, or all-round resistance.