LEONI is one of world’s leading providers of standardised and customised special cables, as well as assembled cable systems.

With our Business Unit Traffic, we provide our customers with all the expertise of a global enterprise, focused on the needs of the rolling stock industry. With our extensive portfolio of products and services for internal and external wiring of rolling-stock we will assist you across the entire lifecycle of your vehicles worldwide.

As a strong partner, we offer you application-specific cable and cable system solutions meeting national and international standards. You can trust in our wellfounded sector and product knowledge as well as our many years of experience. As a technology leader for halogen-free cables and lead wires to the intercity, high-speed train and metro passenger rail sectors, we can supply EN 50264 cable and EN 50306 cable standards.

BETAtrans® high-speed train cables to EN 45545-5 standard

The installation of Studer thin wall cables, rolling stock cables (EN 50306) and high-performance train cables (EN 50264) enhances your competitiveness in the standardisation of your railway vehicles and train traction equipment for the fragmented railway markets in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

Studer Cables BETAtrans rolling stock cables, thin wall cables and LW cables meet the norms of EN 50264 cables and EN 50306 cables, i.e. EN 45545-5 cables.
GKW-R HT (High Temperature) cable technology and LW (Low Weight) and small size cable insulation combines the lightweight, high flexibility and easy handling required for high-speed train cable applications.
BETAflam railway power cables and high-performance cables have an extremely wide operating temperature range of 125°C down to -60°C, a very low smoke density and are classified as short circuit cable and Earth fault-proof cables.
Studer Cables pilot plant and certified fire test centre for engineering fire-resistant railway cables 4 GKW-AX, 9 GKW-AX, GKW-R, GKM, XKWAT to BS 6853, DIN 5510-2 German NF F 16 101 and UIC 895.

The comprehensive range of Studer cables means you need to apply only one standard when designing and purchasing your brake cables, converter cables, HVAC cables, drive cables, light cables, communication cables and switchboard cables.

Fire resistant cable for railway traction connectors

The Business Unit Traffic improved fire performance cables suit most traction railway connectors. Our rollingstock series of traction cables are ZHLS cables / 0% halogen cables and very low smoke cables conforming to:

  • EN 50264 latest European railway standard
  • EN 50306 latest European railway standard
  • BS 6853 British railway standard
  • DIN 5510-2 German railway standard
  • NF F 16 101 French railway standard
  • International Union of Railways (UIC) 895

High temperature, high-performance cable compound

High-temperature cables = higher current capacity for the same cross-section. The higher the continuous temperature load, the longer the lifetime of the cable at a given working temperature. To set a new benchmark we concentrated our efforts on developing new high-performance cable compounds allowing greater safety margins and, therefore, higher current capacities. The inherent benefits of the new BETAtrans® plus are attractive:

  • Low size cable
  • Low weight cable
  • Thin wall cable
  • Wide operating temperature range (+125°C down to -60°C)
  • Low smoke density (>90% light transmission)
  • Short circuit cable and Earth fault-proof cables (>250°C)

Rail signal cables, control cables, and power signals

GKW signal cables, control cables and power cables from Studer conform to EN 50264 for use in power cars, diesel-electric locomotives, electric and diesel multiple units EMU / DMU, high-capacity rails, monorail and light rail vehicles, sleeping cars, and passenger coaches.

3 GKW, 4 GKW-AX plus and 9 GKW-AX plus subway railway cables perform in traction cable and rolling stock cable applications all over the world. BETAtrans® are very flexible cables.

BETAflam® thin wall cables and low LCC cables

Our thin wall cables conform to EN 50306 and, like our multi-core signal cables and UIC cables, are resistance to chemicals, acids, oils, fuels and UV light. Anti-termite cables and anti-rodent cables also belong to our product range.

BETA-ray cross-linking and irradiation centre of competence

  • Largest commercial EAC (electronic accelerator centre) in Europe
  • Swiss quality with more than 50 years railway experience
  • Certified fire test centre to DIN 4102 standard
  • Innovative development centre for high-performance compounds