Sika Australia supplies innovative bonding, sealing, damping and reinforcing products that optimise rail vehicles, while reducing costs to manufacturers.

Adhesive and sealant solutions for rail vehicles

Sika provides solutions for direct glazing and sealing applications in rail vehicles. The company also offers high-performance adhesives with gap-filling capabilities based on moisture-curing polyurethane technology.

Rail vehicle exterior bonding and sealing

Sika supplies innovative solutions for a variety of challenges faced by rail vehicle manufacturers, such as high speeds, harsh environments and aerodynamic structural stresses. The company also designs and assembles train roof and mask systems.

Sika’s products adhere to a wide range of substrates and are suitable for exterior component sealing and bonding on rail vehicles.

Sika’s direct glazing technology features low conductivity and high initial green strength.
Sika's solutions are designed for railway vehicles that operate at high speeds, in harsh environments and aerodynamic structural stresses.
Elastic bonded assemblies provide a lighter, more resistant solution than mechanically fastened systems, while absorbing noise and vibration.
Sika provides watertight seals that protect electronic equipment, as well as solutions to improve acoustic environments, air conditioning and heating
Sika offers advanced sealing solutions suitable for railway windscreens.
Sika’s interior component bonding solutions are highly resistant and compatible with all common rail industry substrates.
Underbody coating for rolling stock can be provided by the company.
Fire protection coatings can be applied in accordance with required safety standards.
Sika offers a range of technical services and support for clients.

Component bonding for rail interiors

Sika’s component bonding solutions ensure that rail vehicle interiors are highly durable, have a long service life expectancy, and meet the rigorous requirements for transporting passengers comfortably and safely.

The company’s products also comply with operators’ demand for high-quality, reliable rolling stock to reduce downtime during operations.

Rail interior sealants

Sika’s robust, watertight sealants bond to a wide variety of substrates and are suitable for creating permanent elastic seals with high adhesive strength.

Elastic seals protect sensitive components such as wiring looms, electronic equipment, and systems installed underneath the floor and behind interior panels to ensure prolonged optimal performance.

Bonding for high-performance rail flooring

Sika’s elastic solutions for high-performance floor bonding ensure comfortable travel for passengers by reducing vibration and noise levels.

Pre-treatment agents for rail vehicle sealants

Sika supplies pre-treatment agents, such as activators and primers, which improve adhesion of sealants and adhesives onto various substrates.

About Sika Australia

For more than 20 years, Sika has been providing innovative direct glazing, exterior and interior component bonding and sealing, and ancillary solutions for rail vehicle manufacturers.

The company uses its extensive experience to assist clients in involved in the design, manufacture and maintenance of rail vehicles.