Sensys develops, produces and markets various products for traffic information and safety within the railway and motor vehicle sector. With more than 20 years’ experience, Sensys provides a complete set of enforcement products for traffic information and safety.

Minimizing delays in rail traffic

Sensys’ broad product range contains systems that can minimize the risk for delays in rail traffic, reduce environmental pollution in traffic and identify road accidents.

Automatic pantograph monitoring system (APMS)

A widespread problem with electrically powered trains is the risk of rupturing the power line when the pantograph used to collect the electrical current becomes worn or damaged. Parts of the carbon strip that are pressed against the power line become torn, and eventually the power line can become stuck in its movement over the carbon strip – with catastrophic results. The cost of retrieving the train and repairing the power lines is substantial, in addition to the cost of the line being blocked while repairs are made.

Detection of damaged current collectors

By using our unique tracking-radar to monitor the pantograph, it is possible to take high-resolution digital images of the carbon strip. Sophisticated processing of these images enables the detection of any damage, and an alarm is sent to the railway administrator so that the train may be stopped at the next station.

The project is now in the testing and fine-tuning phase in close cooperation with our first customer, The Swedish National Rail Administration.

Automatic monitoring of carbon strips on pantographs

The method of automatically monitoring the carbon strips on pantographs makes it possible to maintain the detector without interrupting the traffic.

The radar sensor first detects the radar echo from the current collector when the approaching train is roughly 100m away. As the train moves towards the sensor, the echo signal is tracked until the current collector is at a set distance from the camera. At this point the image quality is optimal and the picture is taken. To protect the train engineer from being blinded by the flash, the flash is equipped with a special filter.

After the camera captures the image of the current collector, the digital image is transferred to the master controller (MC) and further to the image processing unit which separates and checks the image of the carbon strips.

If the check shows that the carbon strip has been damaged or worn down (option), an alarm is transmitted through Ethernet or a GSMR/GPRS modem.

RS240 radar

The RS240 radar is the heart of all Sensys’ products. It can be used for speed enforcement, red-light monitoring, section control, traffic counting, video monitoring, incident detection and much more.

The unique multi-target tracking function, which enables measurement of the speed of each vehicle more than 20 times per second, makes the RS240 an extremely advanced radar.

Business built on trust

In addition to our advanced technology products, Sensys builds its business on mutual respect and trust for each customer. Our strategy when entering a new market is to have a high-tech local partner with superb service capability and history. We establish a relationship to understand your needs, activities and plans for the future – and then we focus on solving the task.


Sensys will attend several exhibitions around the world in 2009. Please visit our website for more information.

The only limit of our systems is your imagination. That’s why Sensys stands for endless possibilities.