Stinger System

Selco Manufacturing Corp supplies a wide variety of manufactured products for the creation and maintenance of rail networks.

The company supplies third rail transit products, electrical goods and custom steel fabrication throughout North America.

Third rail products for electrification

Selco’s transit products include commuter, heavy and light rail mass transit systems.

For its Stinger System auxiliary power systems for temporary power, Selco provides both connector wheel systems (traditional) and crane type rails with various connection options, as well as DC switchboard and custom control enclosures.
Selco manufactures fiberglass and plastic protection boards, splice boards, third rail brackets and covers, rail tie extensions (steel and fiberglass), and copper connectors for up to 2,000MCM cable.
Selco provides third rail material to various transit agencies throughout North America such as third rail brackets, adjustable brackets, third rail covers, insulators, direct fixation fasteners, and rail anchor sets.
Various types of protection board varying depending on the agency requirement are available. Selco supplies rail end approaches and side end approach assemblies.
Selco provides DC disconnect switches from 20A up to 6,000A, connectors, lugs, terminals, fiberglass fuse boxes 30A up to 200A, and fibreglass cleats, which are used to support cables.
Overhead steel trusses, drop tubes, cross arms, pole extensions, balance weights and guy anchor steel are also manufactured by Selco.
Selco fabricates and sizes cable tray, brackets, elbows, funnels, T’s and fittings in stainless-steel, aluminum and Cor-Ten.
Selco fabricates and supplies structural steel, staircases, handrails, platforms, canopies and overpasses for train station projects.

The company offers:

  • Third rail brackets made in either cast iron, galvanized steel or moulded fiberglass
  • Third rail insulators and centering cups
  • Protection board covers
  • End approach assemblies
  • Contact rail anchors (F-Anchors)
  • Hook bolts
  • Rail covers
  • Copper connectors and terminals

Selco also provides direct fixation material, guard rail systems, signal platforms and cages.

Power and signal distribution for rails

Selco’s third rail power connector assemblies comprise an area of up to 2,000 circular mils (MCM), multi-outlet connectors, compression lugs, fibreglass cleats, splice kits and clamps.

The company’s specialty enclosures include fuse boxes up to 200A, control terminal boxes, wayside power boxes, substation enclosures, power control panels, fibreglass housings and snow melter control enclosures.

DC Disconnect and Sectionalizing Switches

Selco offers a full line of switches of up to 6,000A, used in wayside, substations and pole mounted applications.

Silver ball switches, bolted pressure switches, knife switches with or without quick break mechanisms, and motor-operated switches are also available.

Railroad car maintenance workshops

Selco creates two types of ‘Stinger Systems’; The connector wheel system and the crane type. These are used to provide temporary power to the car during maintenance or layover.

Stinger Systems include the DC switchboard, control enclosures, stinger track, and stinger cable drops.

Signal and communication equipment

Selco manufactures custom cable trays, brackets, elbows, funnels, tees and fittings in galvanized or stainless-steel, and aluminium for signal and communication applications.

The company also produces messenger brackets, signal platforms, riser boxes and all associated hardware.

All material can be used in wayside and control room applications.

Catenary steel components

Selco provides complete catenary steel structure fabrication, which includes poles and related extensions, overhead steel trusses, drop tubes, cross arms, balance weights, and guy anchor steel.

AISC custom steel fabrication services

Selco offers American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) compliant structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication for the rail industry.

Steel structures include train stations and shelters, bridge steel, railings, stairways, platform steel, handrails, pedestrian overpasses, brackets, plates and overhead signs.