Schwechater Kabelwerke (SKW) was established in 1891 and specialises in the production and sale of energy and telecommunication cables.

Signalling and special cables

We have special expertise in innovative cables for subways, signalling cables for national and international railway companies, and special cables for tunnels. Cables for all these applications are manufactured and tested at the PRAKAB production facility.

In 2003, SKW installed and commissioned a cutting-edge testing centre and a fire laboratory for FRNC cables. This allows SKW and PRAKAB to perform both electrical and mechanical tests, as well as tests according to all relevant EN standards.

Halogen-free safety cables

We have decades of experience in cable development as a leading supplier of halogen-free safety cables with functional integrity FE 180/30 and FE 180/90. The safety of people and facilities has always been a top priority in the development of our products.

All cables are manufactured to national and international standards, and tested in our in-house testing centres and fire laboratories. Special cables for subway companies and international railway companies are being developed in close cooperation with our customers, or are specially designed to customer specifications.

Cables for subway and railway applications

Our broad expertise in cables for subway and railway applications allows us to offer our customers comprehensive services in the development of innovative cables. All our products meet international standards such as the CPD standard.

Subway, railway and energy cables

The comprehensive product portfolio offered by SKW covers all applications, ranging from specific subway and railway cables to energy cables with improved fire performance. All cables required can be ordered from SKW on a one-stop-shop basis.

The benefits of choosing SKW special cables include:

  • Manufacture of individual cable lengths in state-of-the-art facilities and with short delivery times
  • Assured quality through acceptance testing by customer prior to delivery
  • Test and quality certificates and documentation of cables in accordance with customer specifications
  • Delivery of long cable lengths up to an overall weight of 14t and drum diameters of 3.2m to installation site
  • Advice by experienced engineering, sales and logistics experts

Special cables with improved fire performance

SKW special cables have improved fire performance through use of high-quality insulation and sheathing materials.

Our cables are tested in our in-house testing and fire laboratories according to special customer specifications or relevant standards such as EN 50265-2, EN 50266-2, EN 50267-2-2, EN 50268, ÖNORM E 3653, etc.

We offer cables with enhanced safety through integrated functional integrity (FE 180/30 and FE 180/90).