Roxtec develops standardised and customised cables and pipe seals for the railway industry. The sealing solutions are used on all kinds of locomotives, trains and light rail vehicles to ensure passenger safety and long-term operational reliability.

The sealing system provides superior protection against risks caused by fire, smoke, water, rodents, strain, vibration and shock-waves. It is designed for cable sealing, cable management and smooth, yet firm, retention of cable and pipes.

Tested cable and pipe seals

With the fire-rated Roxtec sealing system, it is possible to route all cables, metal pipes, plastic pipes and conduits through the same opening. Tests show that the area efficient Roxtec fire barrier withstands up to 60min according to EN 1363-1:2012 with any mix of cables and pipes.

The fact that Roxtec products fulfill all the needs and requirements of the industry is reflected by tests according to:

Roxtec seals are used on trains and light rail vehicles all over the world.
The cable and pipe seals are quick and easy to install in walls onboard the train.
  • EN 45545:3 up to E60
  • EN 45545:2 HL3
  • ASTM E662
  • UL 94V0
  • DIN 5510-2
  • NFF 16-101/-102
  • IP66/67
  • UL / NEMA 4, 4X, 12, 12K, 13

The Roxtec system is also tested for cable retention, vibration damping and air shocks, and certified for use in hazardous or potentially explosive environments.

Mechanical sealing technology

The Roxtec system is a mechanical solution and can be used for a number of applications, and for multiple or single cable and pipe penetrations.

The company’s Multidiameter is an adaptability solution for different sized cables and pipes based on sealing modules with removable layers. With six basic modules, cables and pipes can be sealed in diameters from 3.5mm to 99mm. Modules are placed around cables or pipes in frames, which are fixed onto the structure by being bolted or welded.

A separate or integrated compression unit is used to seal the system. Pre-terminated cables are enabled by the technology, which also makes the design process simpler, increases the installation speed, and limits the requirement for materials, stock, and logistics.

Customised sealing solutions

The Roxtec engineering team is always ready to create and design special tailor-made sealing solutions. Roxtec can very often rapidly deliver customised solutions on request based upon modifications of its existing certified standard products.

Sealing of penetrating cables and pipes

Roxtec mechanical seals can be used for all types of single or multiple cables and pipes passing through partition walls, roofs, floors and different structures on the train, as well as in cabinets, enclosures and signalling or trackside equipment. Applications include:

  • Driver’s cabin
  • Engine room
  • Switchboard panels
  • Traction motors
  • Converters / inverters
  • AC systems
  • Pantographs

The seals are also available in versions with Ex and EMC performance.

Seals protecting life an assets

Roxtec seals protect lives, assets and equipment. They also provide built-in spare capacity for upgrades, which is beneficial when it comes to staying competitive during a train’s lifecycle. Seals can be opened repeatedly without compromising integrity, and Multidiameter enables the option of adding cables and pipes of varying sizes to meet the latest industry needs and regulations, without increasing costs.

Roxtec offers product availability, fast delivery and local technical support by being present worldwide. Standardising with Roxtec sealing solutions secures operation wherever the train ends up.

Worldwide cable and pipe sealing technology

Roxtec’s customer base spans more than 70 markets worldwide through distributors and subsidiaries.

Representatives from the company consult with clients to determine the best solution to match exact requirements, and its free web-based tool Roxtec Transit Designer simplifies the design and selection of products. Roxtec’s considerable R&D resources allow it to continually develop and improve products, with a design department and labs for testing safety and functionality.

Contact Roxtec regarding technical specifications, design help, cable and pipe transit planning software, product enquiries, deliveries or installation training.