Premium PSU’s product range consists of DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, AC/AC variable frequency drives, AC/DC power supplies, uninterrupted power supplies, and any solution that requires high reliability from 50W to 72kW.

The company provides robust, safe, reliable, and high-quality power conversion systems that comply with the stringent standards of the railway market.

Railway DC/DC converters and AC/AC variable frequency drives

Premium PSU has an extensive range of standard products and has developed more than 900 custom-made designs.

A bidirectional three-phase battery charger-inverter that can supply a DC load and/or charge a battery from a 400V three-phase line, as well as generate a 400V 3ph line from a battery.
The CBS-10K has been designed according to rolling stock standards and is the perfect fit to start up the diesel engine in hybrid diesel-electric trains.
Premium PSU has been providing reliable power supply solutions for main companies of the railway sector since its early days. Increasing the range of high power with innovative solutions to cover all needs for the railway market.
A wide portfolio of 1ph and 3ph DC/AC Inverters for railway applications like HVAC systems, auxiliary and emergency systems, propulsion, systems, or low battery starters, among others.
Electromagnetic compatibility tests, both in emission and immunity in our semi-anechoic chamber. Premium PSU has the necessary means to ensure the quality of its products.
The new Spark Series includes solutions designed to get power straight from the catenary line. The OVX-6400 is a DC/AC inverter and the CVS-280 DC/DC converter, a low battery voltage starter.
Railway AC/AC Variable Frequency Drives meet the needs of rolling stock applications. Saving energy and improving network, systems, and HVAC efficiency are some of the benefits of using a VFD.

It guarantees quality starting in the design and throughout the manufacturing process, with advanced testing systems.

The wide knowledge of the company allows it to develop a product from scratch, reducing costs and delivery times. As a result, Premium PSU ensures a reliable and long life in hostile environments. The company’s range of DC/AC inverters provides variety and availability, prioritising a compact design without compromising security and reliability.

Premium PSU’s solutions can be found in vehicles such as trams, light rail vehicles, subways, locomotives, or on-board equipment from all over the world. Its solutions are also used in applications such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, auxiliary and emergency systems, propulsion systems, or low battery starters.

Premium PSU’s products include railway quality DC/DC converters, AC/AC variable frequency drives, and DC/AC 1ph and 3ph inverters with a high IP protection for applications that require protection from the ingress of water from powerful jets, dust, fog, sand, oil, salt, and other environmental contaminants.

Railway standard power conversion systems

Premium PSU’s power conversion systems comply with various railway standards to ensures immunity to shock, vibration, moisture, humidity, and wide temperature ranges, including:

  • IEC50155 (Rolling stock electronic equipment)
  • IEC45545 (Fire and smoke)
  • IEC61373 (Shock and vibration)
  • IEC60950-1 IEC63268-1 (Safety)
  • IEC50121-3-2, IEC50124-1 (EMC)
  • IEC50163 (Traction supply voltage)
  • RIA 12 surge protection (3.5VN 20ms)
  • RIA 13 and RIA 20 mechanical standards

These products typically offer combinations of the following features, depending on the specific model and customer requirements:

  • Power from 50W up to 72kW (very high-power density, high frequency)
  • Any input and output combination according to requirements
  • Single or multiple input and output voltages
  • Efficiency up to 97% (non-isolated converters) and up to 94% (isolated converters)
  • Up to 10kV isolation (surges of +/-20kV 1,2/50µs)
  • Wide operating temperature ranges from -50°C to +85°C
  • High ingress protection according to project needs
  • Output fail alarms, redundancy, indicators, enable/inhibit and other controls

Customised and standard railway quality power conversion solutions also include:

  • DC/DC converters
  • DC/AC sine-wave inverters, single or three-phase combinations
  • AC/DC power supplies, rectifiers, and battery chargers
  • AC/AC Variable frequency drives
  • Bidirectional operation: Battery charger/inverter

Custom-made power solutions

One of Premium PSU’s specialities is custom-made solutions that fit the needs of each application, regardless of the size of the project.

The company’s customisation services are a complete process that includes the designing, testing, validating, and manufacturing of all solutions in the company’s facilities in Barcelona, with a team exceeding 50 engineers.

The company assists its customers throughout the process and offers technical advice based on unique expertise to make a high-quality solution.

Premium PSU continually strives to elevate solutions and exceed customers’ expectations.

With an ongoing RDI plan, the company keeps innovating and is always ready to offer solutions and answer customers’ demands.

Railway market challenges

For 2023, Premium PSU is planning to expand its standard product range with new designs including a bidirectional converter and two models of variable frequency drives, making it the first power engineering company to offer VFDs specifically designed for the railway market in its portfolio.

The BDS-10K series is a bidirectional three-phase battery charger-inverter that can supply a DC load and/or charge a battery from a 400V three-phase line, as well as generate a 400V three-phase line from a battery. The new BDS-10K is scalable in power and up to four units can be connected in parallel, obtaining power of up to 40kW.

Premium PSU is currently in the industrialisation process of its AC/AC variable frequency drives series. These drives have been designed to control and regulate the speed and torque of the AC rotary motor by varying the frequency and input voltage of the motor.  Some of the advantages of using a VFD are energy savings and improved efficiency of the network, system, and HVAC equipment; easy control of motor speed, flow, and pressure; soft start and reduced temperature of connected devices.

Premium PSU is committed to excellence and aims to promote the development of its activity in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way. It has a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard, as well as an environmental management system based on ISO 14001.

Its facilities are equipped with the latest instrumentation technology such as a semi-anechoic chamber to carry out EMCs, and a climatic chamber, among others, which allow the team of more than 120 people to test and develop innovative power electronics solutions.

About Premium PSU

When travelling, multiple Premium PSU devices work to get passengers to their destination. Railway safety is present in all the elements that make up the railway system, from communications to the lines or procedures.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, the company guarantees that all products comply strictly with the regulations while covering a wide variety of rolling stock applications. It has worked with worldwide manufacturers and suppliers of transportation systems since 1981, which places it as a trusted technological partner.

Increasing the range of high power with innovative solutions to cover all needs of the railway sector is key to keep giving shape to power in the future.

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