Auxiliary power, battery and battery management technology has made a huge jump forward during the last years.

Powernet has developed state-of-the-art battery management- and charger solutions for the rail segment, which will give end-customers substantial added values, such as system availability and extended lifetime.

Amaronia again has a network of clients and local partners around the globe, which will be used to market and sell the Powernet battery management solutions.

Powernet sales and marketing vice-president Harry Lilja comments: “We see this co-operation as a great way for Powernet to gain access to markets where we could not go alone. We are sure that our rail power and battery management solutions are very well positioned to gain a good  foothold in the geographical areas Amaronia operates.”

Amaronia CEO Samuel Krüger says: “After evaluating the Powernet solutions, we see a big opportunity in many of the geographies, and especially in the rolling stock segment. Many train operators and train manufacturers are now understanding the importance of having intelligent battery management solutions.”

Many of the Powernet solutions bring new features, as remote diagnostics and state of health to battery management. Both Powernet and Amaronia think that when customers know more about their batteries and charging mechanisms, this will decrease the overall cost and maintenance need. The Powernet solutions fit very well into the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) concept, which means that they can all be monitored and supervised remotely.