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Fire Barrier Gangway Door Systems for Rail Vehicles

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Polarteknik designs and supplies interior door systems for high-speed and intercity trains and metros.

Automatic, fire barrier door systems for the rail sector

Polarteknik’s product range includes complete fire barrier walls, as well as automatic, single / double leaf-sliding, telescopic, and curved doors, which can be installed in passenger coaches to increase safety and comfort. Polarteknik is dedicated to passenger flow in railway rolling stock.

Doors are available in manual or automatic versions, and can feature electric or pneumatic drives or a mechanical self-closing function.

Gangway, vestibule and saloon doors are the base of our product offering. Polarteknik has produced thousands of doors like these to diverse markets.
AnsaldoBreda / Hitachi Rail Italy Zefiro V360 gangway automatic, rated EI30-compliant with EN45545-2.
Stadler Flirt PKP IC is equipped with full glass partitions from Polarteknik.
Alstom Coradia Polyvalent platform trains running in France, Switzerland, Algeria and Romania have these fully TSI-compliant gangway doors by Polarteknik.
Many refurbishment projects have benefited from the low space envelope requirements of this Telescopic Double Leaf Door System by Polarteknik.
Long-term development of key competence and evolving the product portfolio returned great results for the company's Siemens ICE4 project.
Building a product platform and defining variants solved technical issues in PMC's Hitachi project.
Latest co-development with a valued customer gave birth to a new product for Metros: the EW20 full glass partition.
Alstom Coradia X60B is equipped with a full fire partition wall with E15 fire integrity.
System integrators, such as RCS, can benefit from high-volume components.

The company is experienced in designing and producing fire barrier doors and fire barrier partitions that comply with prevailing national and international rolling stock standards.

Polarteknik is happy to engage in new build and refurbishment projects directly or through partnership arrangements.

Compact, recyclable, adaptable train doors

Polarteknik’s doors are compact, recyclable, lightweight, and fit into varying spaces and environments. They feature a modular design that is easy to install and maintain. The products’ high-quality components are thoroughly tested, and designed to last for 40 years with minimal maintenance.

The safety-related modular components are the same found in previous Polarteknik door design. A powerful microprocessor controls the doors’ integrated safety functions. Because of the modular design philosophy we can easily adapt the design from project delivery to another and use the same core design that is well proven in use.

The design concept places key components under a wall-mounted aluminium profile, and guarantees smooth and silent operation for customer comfort.

With modern design and validation the products can be made highly recyclable. In certain projects we have reached recyclability rates exceeding 98% and typically it is over 95%.

Qualifications and testing

Polarteknik is firmly committed to its quality control system, which is under constant development.

Products undergo electrical, functional, dimensional, and visual tests to ensure compliance with standards and customer requirements.

Non-insulating fire doors are tested against 20min integrity and rated EW20, while insulating fire doors are available for up to 30min integrity with EI30 rating.

Over the years Polarteknik has produced automatic and manual doors with fire integrity in the following ratings: E15, E20, EW15, EW20, EI15, EI20, EI30, E15I15, E30I15 and EW30I15. The company has witnessed dozens of tests and has extensive experience in fire integrity and interface design.

Railway rolling stock related operations are certified by the international rail transport sector (IRIS), and the company is compliant with the latest ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Welding and Gluing certificates complete the high level of production competence.

Polarteknik uses state-of-the-art technology, and cooperates with universities and independent laboratories as part of its project development process.


All of Polarteknik doors are carefully packaged in sturdy and easily unloaded cardboard seaworthy crates designed to ensure safe delivery anywhere in the world.

All required documents for shipping and quality control are included with each shipment. In Europe, we can deliver our doors to customers within one week.

Tilting sensors and shock sensors can be included to trace possible mishandling during freight.

Optionally we can take into account all customer wishes for logistical arrangements. Robust plywood packaging, re-usable packages and returnable jigs are available and can be designed to purpose.

Bar coding and advance warehousing arrangements can be made for just in time delivery optimisation.

About Polarteknik

Polarteknik is a historically well-known company for its capability for innovation and tailoring customer-oriented solutions for the large global OEM’s. Our offering ranges from standard products to customised systems. Pimatic and Polarteknik are the brand names of the company.

The company provides a wide range of products, such as customised solutions and components, pneumatic cylinders, and specialty products within selected niches, such as railway rolling stock doors.

Polarteknik’s knowledge of customer requirements, along with its expertise in compact door systems, allows the company to provide a high-quality service and products to its customers.

The company can rely on the support from the holding company Dacke Industri, which holds competencies in diversified fields of business ranging from hydraulics to mechanical cylinders. Dacke Industri is growing and has approximately 900 employees, and reported sales of approximately €170m.

Dacke Industri is owned by Nordstjernan, a family-controlled, unlisted investment company whose business concept is to be an active owner that creates long-term and positive value growth. The business strategy is based on long-term ownership and developing listed and unlisted companies by contributing capital and expertise.


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