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Auxiliary Power Supply Units, Battery Chargers and Traction Converters

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PCS Power Converter Solutions has been developing and assembling highly reliable and innovative converters for rail vehicles, wind turbines and test benches for motors, gears and transformers across a number of decades.

Electrical power supply systems for rail vehicles

For more than 140 years we have been providing complex systems for rail vehicles. Since 1948, PCS has delivered more than 70,000 electrical power supply systems for rail vehicles worldwide. Based on this tremendous experience we now provide complete solutions for the electrical power supply of every type of rail vehicle, including LRVs, EMUs and DMUs, metros, high-speed trains, locos, passenger coaches and monorail vehicles.

Thanks to the consequent usage of cutting-edge technology our power converter units are small and lightweight. Based on our compact and modular design, PCS power converters are dependable and easy to maintain, allowing you to have more time for your core business. The high efficiency of our power modules underlines the environmentally friendliness of your rail vehicle.

Auxiliary power converter units for mass transit

PCS Rail AU 500 is the product platform designed for LRVs, metros and other mass transit vehicles. The auxiliary power converter units are available for roof and under-floor applications and are easy to maintain thanks to their compact configuration. Their lightweight design, low noise emission and high-energy efficiency meet the requirements for utilisation in mass transit vehicles.

The unit’s output power ranges from 15kVA to 120kVA, with the integrated battery chargers supplying DC power from 7kW to 30kW at 24VDC to 110VDC.

Auxiliary power converter units for regional and long-distance trains

PCS Rail AU 1000 is the product base to provide tailored solutions for multiple units, single and double deck passenger coaches, locos and high-speed trains. These solutions are flexible and individually configurable.

Thanks to their module design, the power converter systems can be installed wherever the necessary space is available. The output power range is from 30kVA to 150kVA and the integrated battery chargers supply DC power from 7kW to 30kW at 24VDC to 110VDC.

Traction converters, stand-alone battery chargers and power distribution systems

Beside the auxiliary power supply units, PCS also offers traction converters, stand-alone battery chargers and power distribution systems to provide complete packages for your vehicles from a single source.

We also provide full after-sales service, giving you pro-active support throughout the entire lifecycle of our products.


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