Patentes Talgo specialises in the design, manufacture and maintenance of railway rolling stock (regional, long distance, intercity and high-speed trains), rolling-stock maintenance equipment (under-floor wheel lathes and measuring equipment) and systems for gauge changing.

Spain: Patentes Talgo, parent company and head of the group

The company has head offices, five maintenance workshops and two factories.

Talgo trains provide day-time intercity services between the main Spanish cities; high-speed services to Seville, Malaga, Valladolid and Barcelona; night-time services for transverse distances in Spain (Barcelona-Cadiz, Barcelona-Malaga, Barcelona-Granada, Madrid-Coruña, Madrid-Pontevedra and Barcelona-Coruña); and international services from Spain to Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Milan and Lisbon.

Talgo provides manufacture and maintenance for suburban, intercity and high-speed trains.
We have five main workshops for maintenance of suburban and high-speed trains in Spain.
Talgo also designs sleeper trains.
We provide high-speed electric locomotives that have the option of being dual-gauge, for international services.
The company offers under-floor wheel lathes and equipment for the control and maintenance of rail wheels.

Integral maintenance for all Talgo trains is carried out in five main workshops located in Madrid (two), Barcelona (two) and Malaga, including day and night-time and high-speed trains that are used for commercial services.

At the Madrid and Rivabellosa plants, manufacturing activities for trains, locomotives and carriages are carried out, as well as manufacturing of bogies and train wheels. Talgo also manufactures its own maintenance equipment, including pit wheels, measuring equipment for wheel parameters, calibres and shunting cars.

US Talgo

US Talgo has a head office in Seattle and one office in Washington, besides a maintenance facility in Seattle; in September 2012 Talgo is going to open a new maintenance facility in the state of Wisconsin. Currently there are five trains circulating in the corridor of Eugene, Vancouver, but in 2012 we will introduce another two for this corridor, plus two more in the corridor of Wisconsin.

Germany Talgo

Germany Talgo has a head office and the maintenance facility in Berlin. Talgo (Deutschland) is dedicated to maintenance activities for Talgo trains, conventional trains, and after-sales services for under-floor wheel lathes and measuring equipment.

Kazakhstan Talgo

Kazakhstan Talgo has a head office and the maintenance facility in Almaty. Talgo performs the overall maintenance of Talgo trains owned by the Kazakhstan railway Administration, Temir Zholy, since 2002 in the city of Almaty. In 2004 Talgo created a permanent establishment called Talgo Kazakhstan where their main activity is integral overhauling of Talgo rolling stock, maintenance and repair of overhauling equipment and maintenance of the facilities.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Talgo

Bosnia and Herzegovina Talgo has a head office and a maintenance facility in Sarajevo. The formation and establishment of the subsidiary has already taken place in Sarajevo, where Talgo will carry out maintenance on the Talgo trains. The services are going to be in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as international services to Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary, thus restoring the major rail services in south-east Europe.


  • Trains: for high-speed, intercity, regional and long-distance services
  • Passenger coaches: for day and night-time services
  • Locomotives: electric locomotives for high-speed services and optional dual-gauge system
  • Variable gauge: system for use in high-speed trains and loco-hauled coaches, as well as for locomotives; applications for freight wagons and vehicle carriers
  • Maintenance systems: under-floor wheel lathes, rail power plants, measuring equipment and manual gauges
  • Railway components: variable gauge axles and bogies, tools, high-power MTU diesel engine maintenance and repair

Technological principles

  • Light construction
  • Articulated union between coaches
  • Bogies with a single independent wheel axle
  • Axles permanently guided along the rail at zero angles
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Natural tilting
  • Eco-friendly train
  • Accessibility (550mm-760mm)
  • Interior space
  • Number of axles per train
  • Flexibility

Talgo advantages

Talgo advantages include energy consumption per seat, running quality and behaviour, comfort for the passengers, and value-added services: maintenance.

New developments coming soon

Hybrid train — with a speed of 250km/hr on electrified lines and a speed of 180km/hr on non-electrified lines.

Avril — the new very-high-speed trains with a commercial speed of 380km/hr.