MTM Power® GmbH has developed the new DC/DC converter series PCMDS250 for universal applications in railway and vehicle technology. The PCMDS250 series is based on a revision of the well-proven PCMD250 converter series after more than ten years of successful market presence. The aim of the development was a further increase in efficiency and reliability and the integration of various features such as ‘Power Good’ signalling and stand-by operation.

The converters with an output voltage of 24VDC deliver an output power of 250W. The design of the output voltage with U/I (constant voltage/constant current) characteristic allows the supply of critical loads and charging of batteries (optional Uout=27,6 VDC). Two input voltage ranges according to EN 50 155 are available: 24VDC (16,8…30,0 VDC) and 110VDC (50.4VDC … 137.5VDC) which allow the operation of the DC/DC converters on common battery or on-board networks in Europe, in track-side applications and in stationary railway systems.

The devices have got an ‘Output Voltage OK’ signal as potential-free contact as well as remote control to place the converter in a standby mode with the lowest power consumption. An undervoltage shutdown protects the converter as well as the application from damage during ‘Brown out’ effects of the supply voltage. Using a primary-related control input RC (Remote Control), they can be put in a stand-by mode with lowest power consumption; thus, contributing to a longer availability of the supplied systems, especially during battery operation.

The DC/DC converters are now connected via push-in cage clamp connectors with lever, which are designed for wire cross sections up to 4 mm². Designed for an operating temperature range of -40°C to 70°C (class TX according to EN 50 155) the cooling is guaranteed either by the integrated heat sink (option WK) or by mounting the base plate on a heat dissipating surface.

Due to their compact design, the converters are suitable for applications where only little space is available. Furthermore, they are robust against mechanical stress such as shock and vibration. The maintenance free converters are vacuum potted (EP 1 987 708, U.S. Patent No. 8,821,778 B2) and offer reliable protection against condensation, conductive dust and other environmental conditions. A version with protection degree IP67 is possible on customer request. The compact dimensions (length x width x height) of 156.6mm x 86mm x 55mm or 156.6mm x 162mm x 55mm (option WK) and the high packing density allow an efficient, cost-saving solution for different power supply tasks in railway applications.