MSc Traction is a European expert in rolling stock, specialising in auxiliary power converters and battery chargers for trams, locomotives and different train cars. The endurance of MSc solutions has been tested in the demanding climate of northern Europe, as well as in the heat of the Middle East, and the busy tracks of central Europe. Numerous train and tramcar manufacturers in Europe benefit from MSc’s know-how.

Rail power supply solutions

MSc has a long experience in auxiliary power converters, battery chargers and energy storage systems with an extraordinary efficiency-to-volume-to-weight ratio, and adapted to the needs of our clients. MSc technology is in use globally in very different usage environments.

Different applications of MSc rolling stock converter solutions include:

  • Power supply for air conditioning and heater systems
  • Battery chargers
  • Power supply for air pressure compressors
  • Power supply for cooler fans
  • Power supply for passenger electricity grid in railroad cars
  • Power supply for kitchen devices in restaurant cars
  • Energy storage solutions, brake energy storage, and uninterruptible motor drives

Rolling stock auxiliary power converters

MSc auxiliary power converters are small sized. Thanks to their modular structure they are easily applicable to customer-specific needs in the demanding circumstances of rolling stock. The mechanical and functional structures are designed considering the long lifecycle the devices will have. The MSc product assortment comprises a wide AC and DC input voltage range, and the solution can comprise various different AC and DC outputs.

An MSc Traction rail battery charger.
The auxiliary power system used on the Helsinki Tram.
MSc Traction's energy storage system.
MSc Traction supplies inverters that convert DC current for AC electric rail motors.
An MSc Traction power inverter.
An inverter for a train HVAC system.

With MSc auxiliary power converters travelling comfort is improved, and the safe functioning of railway cars and engines is secured. Different applications include air conditioning and heater devices, batteries, cooler fans, air pressure compressors, and kitchen devices in restaurant cars.

Battery chargers for rail cars

MSc battery chargers generate high-quality direct voltage for charging batteries and for other loads. Our battery chargers are small sized and light units, making them easy to install in the cars. MSc can take advantage of its reliable solutions, that time and experience have proven successful, and from the enduring mechanical structures of its solutions, when planning battery chargers that always fulfil the special demands of rolling stock and of the long life-expectancy of the chargers. Thanks to their modularity, the devices can be used according to different client needs in 24V, 72V, or 110V ranges.

Energy storage systems

MSc has a wide assortment of supercapacitor-based energy storage modules, which can be used with MSc converters in different rolling stock applications. MSc products are built with the newest supercapacitor technology, and include all demanded safety, control and surveillance features.

Our energy storage systems are used in recovery of braking energy, in supporting rail network and in uninterruptible motor drives. MSc products are modular and cover energy storage needs from 10kJ all the way up to 1,200mJ. They are designed to function in a power range of 10kW to 100kW.