Founded in 1981, Mecatraction manufactures components for the railway industry. The company is based in Pompadour, France and is a subsidiary of the Sicame group, which specialises in accessories for transport and the transmission of electrical power.

Connection systems and tools for the rail industry

Mecatraction designs, develops and manufactures a complete range of connectors for the railway industry, including:

  • Traction and rolling stock products: terminals, disconnects and pre-insulated terminals, low-power pre-insulated copper tubular lugs, and aluminium tubular lugs and shunts
  • Signalling and stationary equipment products: pre-insulated terminals, tubular lugs and butt connectors
  • Tooling: crimping tools for pre-insulated terminals, compression tools for tubular lugs, hydraulic pumps and sets, stripping tools, and cable-cutters

Mecatraction possesses several accreditations within the most important sectors of the railway.

Pre-insulated terminals for rail applications

Mecatraction manufactures a wide range of pre-insulated terminals for rail applications that satisfy customers’ needs and comply with the NFF 00363, NFF 16101 / NFF 16102, and DIN 5510 standards.

Connectors for flexible cables

Our connectors for flexible cables include DEF for flexible cable DIN VDE 57 295; TN according to NFF 00363, BS 4579 pt2 and RSE/STD/O24/pt7; CTCUF for flexible cable class 5; and CTCUFF for extra-flexible cable class 6.

Double-crimp insulated terminals for halogen-free cables

Recently, Mecatraction has launched a new range of products: double-crimp insulated terminals specially designed for thin, insulated halogen-free cables according to the new EN50306 standard.

Polycarbonate insulation for rail connectors

All our rail connectors are fitted with polycarbonate insulation. This insulation has a better temperature range than nylon (-40°C +125°C), and complies with fire and smoke standards NFF 16101 / NFF 16102 and DIN 5510.

Electro-hydraulic compression tools

Blue Expert is a new range of electro-hydraulic compression tools ensuring a perfect compression. These tools are both efficient and safe to use. Blue Expert tools incorporate two-stage hydraulic pump and fast advance, motor cut out and automatic ram return when crimping is complete, manual ram-return option, nickel-plated head that rotates through 180°, electronically controlled function parameters, warning light and USB interface, positive die-locking system, and comfortable, ergonomically designed handle.

Research and development of rail connectors

Mecatraction offers a complete range of rail connectors and components specifically designed to meet the needs of the international market through constant efforts for improvement and innovation.

Our research and development department is composed of multi-disciplinary teams of engineers and technicians, who enable the company to combine creativity and reactivity. This organisation enables us to create new rail connectors and find innovative solutions.

Our engineering and design department uses the most advanced CAD tools (Pro-Engineer, Pro-Mechanica and Visy-Progress). We have at our disposal a metrology laboratory for climatic, mechanical and electrical testing.

Certified rail connectors

Mecatraction has received several certifications such as Railways AQF through its policy based on performance, quality and service.

The company implements several performance tests for its products. Mechanical tests consist of verifying tensile strength, vibration strength, bending resistance, seal test and insertion extraction for disconnects and tabs.

Electrical tests consist of verifying resistance to short circuit, voltage load for pre-insulated terminals, endurance under temperature and humidity, thermal shock, salt mist, and cycling in current. All these tests must be validated.

Global distribution of rail connectors

Our technical and commercial department can provide you with technical support services adapted to your needs: demonstration and application, maintenance/repair, control/verification on-site or in our factory, and training on crimping techniques. Mecatraction sells its products worldwide through a large network of resellers.

Mecatraction has several subsidiaries, including CEGERS OUTILLAGE and ALCO MECA.