MCB Industrie, an MCB Tech company, serves the international railway market. Founded in 1929, MCB Industrie provides electromechanical components and supports high-demanding applications, from product definition to customised solutions.

MCB Tech offers a range of solutions for the railway market, including MCB Industrie, which offers stainless-steel breaking, damping, discharge and snubber high-power resistors and heaters, including air, shaft, water and plinth, and power supplies and transformers. The Atoms division of MCB Tech provides master controllers and Auteroche Industrie offers driving and tail lighting.

Quality and reliability have made MCB Industrie a reference supplier to the aerospace, railway, automotive and the industrial vehicles industry.

High-power resistors

Stainless-steel resistors range up to megawatts and the very high-power resistors can be used as breaking resistors or load banks.

Sheathed resistors range from 100W to 100kW. The performance and reliability of the sheathed resistors find an appropriate use in heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) in rolling materials. MCB Industrie produces air heaters, shaft heaters, water heaters, plinth heaters and absorption groups.

Crowbars / damping resistors are resistive systems for energy conversion.

Filter pre-charge / discharge resistors range from 5W to 1,200W. These very strong resistors can adapt to the most severe regimes and have a joule capacity and a high overload.

Snubber resistors range from 250W to 750W planar resistors (RCEC).

Power plugs for rail passengers and electric appliances

By design, Ferro resonant transformers comply well with electromagnetic environments. Features such as separation of primary and secondary coils, no electronic components and resistance to overloads and over voltages make it perform particularly well in terms of EMC. The main utilisations in the railway industry are:

  • Power plugs for passengers
  • Power plugs for electric appliances (vacuum cleaners, hand-driers, etc.)
  • Dispensers (drinks, etc.)

Atoms master controllers

The Atoms division of MCB Tech provides control units for the driver’s desk, which can be:

  • Single or multiple driving functions
  • Enclosed or free-standing

Auteroche driving and tail lights

Includes a complete range of driving lights:

  • White and/or red
  • Halogen, Xenon or LED technology

Electromechanical components for rail

MCB Industrie aggregates decades of experience to a permanent research programme aimed at innovation.

MCB Industrie engineers are highly specialised and dedicated to their product line. They have mastered the state-of-the-art technology which makes its products superior, in terms of mechanical and electromechanical design, materials, electro-technology, conductors and insulators, optics and electronics and signal processing.

In-house CAD stations, simulation programmes and testing laboratories (mechanical shocks and vibrations, corrosive agents, temperature variation and electrical testing) provide an adequate support to designing and qualifying the right products for MCB Industrie customers.

Products are available in tailored configuration or off-the-shelf. The organisation allows production from large to small series in cost-optimised and process-controlled conditions, and means MCB Industrie can provide suitable lot sizes to the OEM.