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Lightning-Strike Protection Equipment

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Lightning Protection International (LPI®) is a fully Australian-owned manufacturer of direct-strike lightning, surge and transient protection equipment, and earthing products and solutions to a wide range of industries, including railways and transportation infrastructure throughout the world.

LPI offers the following products and solutions:

  • A range of lightning air terminals and accessories for direct-strike lightning protection
  • A wide range of surge and transient protection products for power lines, data, communication, and signalling lines
  • EXOWELD range of exothermic welding equipment and consumables
  • Earth electrodes, conductors and associated accessories

Direct-strike lightning protection

LPI offers three types of direct-strike protection system, all of which include a full package of air terminals and accessories. These packages are often used to provide direct-strike lightning protection to stations, power supply equipment, and signalling and control infrastructure.

The LPI Guardian System 5 provides a purpose-designed package for direct lightning protection. The Guardian System 5 has been successfully tested to IEC test standard IEC 60-1:1989.

LPI's direct-strike lightning protection air terminals and accessories
Our earth-enhancing compounds, electrodes, conductors, bonds and accessories
We supply the EXOWELD range of exothermic welding and bonding equipment.
Transient and surge protection products for power supplies.
Our products can protect data, communications and signalling lines.

The LPI Stormaster ESE range of terminals provides a safe and efficient system for the protection of your facility from direct lightning strikes. The Stormaster ESE range of terminals has been fully tested in accordance with NF C 17-102 in a high-voltage laboratory.

Conventional lightning protection systems

Besides the above, LPI also offers conventional lightning protection systems which comply with international standards such as IEC 62305, BS EN 62305 and AS/NZ 1768.

Earthing systems and accessories

The installation and maintenance of an effective low impedance earthing system is essential for any modern facility for three key reasons:

  • Protection of the public and personnel who work within the facility
  • Protection of equipment, to minimise down time, service interruptions and replacement costs
  • Ensuring electrical noise reduction through minimisation of voltage potential between interconnected equipment

LPI offers a variety of earthing products which are used in the installation of low-impedance earthing systems and for track connections. These products include earth-enhancing compounds, earthing electrodes and accessories, specialised electrical bonding equipment, and exothermic welding for conductors and earthing electrodes.

Power supply transient protection

Following the installation of a dedicated lightning protection system and the bonding of all earthing facilities, particular attention must be given to providing safe and efficient protection of power supplies.

LPI offers a wide selection of technologies and products for transient protection of the mains power supply at the point of entry to your facility, as well as protection for groups of equipment or individual items.

These products and technologies are available in two categories:

  • Shunt protection (often called SPDs)
  • Series protection (sometimes called filters)

In addition a range of MV arresters for protection against transients on overhead traction supply lines are available.

Signalling and data line protection

The protection of signal, data and communication lines from transients is an important final step that should be taken when implementing comprehensive protection for your facility.

LPI provides a variety of protection solutions, for such diverse applications as RF signal protectors; a broad range of data line protectors, encompassing most commonly used applications; CCTV protectors; telephone line protectors; GSM protectors; LAN protectors; and weighbridge load cell protectors.

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