LC Switchgear (LCS) provides switchgear solutions for railways, including earthing, isolating, shorting, direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) switches, as well as enclosures, control panels, live line indicators and overhead switchable trolleys.

Switchgear speed up isolation and bonding, as well as allow maintenance and renewal work to be carried out overnight.

The long-lasting systems ensure faster, safer access to railway tracks, while reducing the time required to re-instate power at the end of the works, thereby lowering maintenance costs.

LCS provides switchgear solutions for safely isolating and maintaining railways.
The company supplies switchgear solutions for rolling stock, such as control panels, and shoegear and AC switches.
Trackside isolation and bonding switches are also provided.
LCS offers switchgear for depots, including emergency power off (EPO) and Mimic panels.
LCS supplies link boxes, traction fuses and conductor rail heating systems.

The company also offers a range of support services, including design and development, testing, installation, training, servicing and 24/7 maintenance.

Substation, rolling stock and trackside switchgear

LCS supplies DC switchgear enclosures for isolating and maintaining mainline railway systems.

Switchgear configurations are provided for track and overhead line isolation, bonding and substation bypass. These are generally used for 2,000A to 4400A applications.

LCS substation switchgear solutions include isolation panels, disconnector switches and overvoltage devices, while its rolling stock products include shoegear bonding and AC switches, as well as control panels.

Trackside switchgear are provided for isolation and bonding, as well as controlling track and tunnel sections.

LCS also provides switchgear made from low-smoke zero halogen (LSZH) materials that comply with stringent London Underground (LU) standards.

PLCs for monitoring and fault reporting

LCS’ full programmable logic controller (PLC) enables remote system monitoring, control and interrogation.

The PLCs feature configurable touchscreen displays and mimic panels, and are compatible with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

PLCs provide diagnostic reports and fault-finding, schedule automatic alerts for servicing, and log events. The time and money-saving systems ensure minimal disruption in the event of a fault.

PLCs also monitor the status of railway systems, plants and equipment, as well as environmental conditions.

Depot shore supplies and accessories

LCS provides switchgear for shore supply systems, including overhead switchable trolleys, depot contactor panels and track isolating switches.

It also offers mimic panels and overhead status indicators, which provide feedback to operators and maintenance workers.

Emergency power-off (EPO) panels safely and reliably cut off power from depots in the event of an emergency, as well as inform the depot manager which emergency stop button has been operated.

Other products include link boxes, traction fuses, conductor rail heating systems, and PLC and Mimic panels.

Support and maintenance services for railways

LCS offers a range of support and maintenance services for railways, and assembles custom service packages with LU and Network Rail (NR) trained staff to suit a customer’s requirements.

The company offers bespoke product design and development, as well as tests systems to verify their performance and provide certification.

LCS staff can install products, provide training and offer 24/7 on-call maintenance services. The company also provides servicing and refurbishment to ensure product performance and longevity, and renews existing products.

About LCS

LCS’ comprehensive product range and customised solutions have resulted in an extensive installation record, including:

  • 3,000 switchgear enclosures
  • 1,000 switch automation and customised switches
  • 1,100 fuse assemblies and enclosures
  • 1,000 resistor assemblies
  • 600 control panels