Isolants Victor Hallet

Isolants Victor Hallet (IVH) markets and manufactures mechanical insulation parts

The company uses high-speed polyvalent machines to produce high-quality laminates for the rail market.

Rail applications for laminates

Laminates are used for a wide range of rail components, including converters, traction transformers, traction, and switchgears.

IVH has gained experience in a wide range of Thermoset laminate types and shapes.
Converters, traction transformers, traction, and switchgears are all suitable applications for IVH laminates.
The company supplies Class F, Class H and Class 220° laminates.
IVH's production capacity will be increased in 2016.

They are also suitable for high-temperature applications, with asbestos-free material for resistance support (MICA thermost MUSCOTHERM), and calcium silicate for spark protection parts. IVH also provides various additional materials for rail industry customers, such as laminated wood (C2R and C4R), and PSP-B3 boards for traction transformers.

IVH can recommend using a moulding process. Bulk moulding compound (BMC) and sheet moulding compound (SMC) production can include compression moulding, which is a cost-saving alternative for complex laminate pieces.

Various thermoplast, PC-transparent and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) materials can be injected into laminates, depending on the quantity.

Fully automatic production for high-quality laminates

IVH is experienced in all Thermoset laminate types, including Class F, Class H and Class 220°, for a variety of industries.

It focuses specifically on the mass railway transport (MRT) market, which provides a constant challenge with changing and demanding standards. We are currently testing laminates in an approved lab to measure their compliance with the new EN45545-2 standard.

Our most famous laminates include the epoxy (EPGC203/202) glass cloth, which maintains mechanical strength at high temperatures, the polyester (UPGM203/205) glass mat, which keeps a perfect balance between quality and cost, and the polymid glass cloth (PIGC301), which can be used for high-temperature equipment in traction engines and other applications.

Other composites available include the phenolic (PFCP – PFCC), the melamine glass cloth (MEGC), the epoxy glass mat (EPGM203), and the silicone glass mat (SIGC).

Collaboration with rail customers

IVH cooperate with design departments to advise, adapt and improve costs for customers, and challenge other high-quality solutions. Our experienced staff and high-quality equipment are prepared for short delivery times, repair and maintenance.

3D machines and a new building will be implemented in 2016 to increase IVH’s production capacity.

About Isolants Victor Hallet

IVH has been active in the field of electrical insulation for more than 80 years.

Victor Hallet founded the business in 1834, using a range of materials to create sheets, tubes, sleeving, varnish, transformers and rotating engines. His son, Jacques Hallet, exported goods to various countries, with his grandson, Pierre Hallet, developing production in China, Russia, and South Africa.

The fourth generation, Vincent Hallet, joined in 2014 to continue the business, helming a team of employees with between five and 20 years of experience.