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Power Supplies and DC/DC Converters for Railway Applications

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intreXis provides power supplies for high-capacity applications worldwide, ranging from high-speed rail networks to intensive care units in the medical sector.

DC / DC converters for the rail industry

intreXis DC / DC converters are optimally designed for rail applications and fully compliant with standard EN 50155.

The power supplies have an ultra-wide input voltage range and operating temperatures from -50°C to 85°C. intreXis’ standard units are readily available and demonstrate high levels of reliability, efficiency and mechanical integration, enabling customisable power for a wide range of applications.

intreXis manufactures high-power units for rail applications.
All power supplies are tested by the company’s burn-in systems for an additional 48h.
intreXis products comply with railway standard EN50155.
The firm’s DC/DC converters can be used in temperatures as low as -50°C.

Key features of intreXis’ converters include:

  • Extended temperature range
  • High reliability
  • Special thermal management
  • Ultra-wide input voltage range
  • Compliant to rail, medical and military standards

Burn-in tested components and power units

intreXis power supplies are manufactured on fully automatic surface-mount-device (SMD) machines. Each circuit board is pre-verified during the production process with automated optical inspection (AOI) for possible errors.

The computer-controlled function test systems are developed and programmed by intreXis engineers. Each power supply is tested extensively before delivery on these test systems and all measured values are stored.

All DC/DC converters used in locomotives are additionally tested for 48h in the company’s burn-in systems, at temperatures from -30°C to 70°C, with a first pass rate of almost 100%.

Temperature-resistant DC / DC rail converters

The EN 50155 rail industry standard distinguishes the temperature classes T1 (from -25°C to 70°C), T2 (from -40°C to 70°C), T3 (from -25°C to 85°C) and TX from (-40°C to 85°C). However, regional temperatures can drop to below -50°C.

intreXis has heavily invested in R&D in rail vehicles and power supplies and designed a series of converters, which operate in temperatures ranging from -50°C to 85°C without any restrictions.

Silicon carbide flat battery start units

intreXis has created a new and innovative flat battery start unit that is powered by the contact line. Design of the converter is based on a concept with silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes.

An innovative, active Surgelimiter is implemented in the converter to assist with high-energy surges, which cannot be absorbed by conventional means such as varistors or transzorbs.

The unit has a large number of features, including:

  • Wide-input voltage range: continuous operation from 400VDC to 1,100VDC (wider than required by the EN 50163 standard)
  • High-efficiency: between 89% and 90% over the entire input voltage range
  • Low-dissipation and component stress during standby-mode: from less than 1.5W at 750VDC input voltage
  • Active Surgelimiter withstands 3kV for 20 milliseconds (ms) and 4.5kV, falling to 2.25kV for 1ms (more rugged than required by the EN 50124-2-standard)
  • Very low-impact on efficiency during normal operation
  • Ambient-temperature class: TX (from -40°C to 85°C, according to EN 50155)
  • Vibration and shock-resistant according EN 61373, Cat.1, Class B
  • Partial discharge test according to EN 50207
  • Small, lightweight design

About intreXis

intreXis’ production facilities are based in Malaysia, Romania and Switzerland, and the company manufactures its products to the highest Swiss-quality standards.

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