For more than 75 years, Hitzinger has been providing high-quality, Austrian-engineered generators, aggregates, converters, and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems.

All Hitzinger systems are thoroughly tested to ensure high standards of safety and quality.

Hitzinger understands how important a reliable and uninterruptible power supply is for delivering successful service, and therefore all power systems are tailor-made and can be used in a range of different situations.

High-performance power supply systems for rail applications

Hitzinger’s solutions feature the latest technology to deliver fail-safe power supplies that are both efficient and sustainable. The company’s unique generators are specifically designed to provide innovative power solutions for rail applications.

Alongside this, Hitzinger also offers repair services, refurbishment, technical support, and spare parts for its range of power systems to keep them running for many years to come. The company has many international locations, allowing for support and spare parts to be provided worldwide.

Traction generators for the rail industry

Hitzinger’s synchronous generators are reliable and environmentally friendly, making them the ideal generators for all types of rail vehicles. The generators are specially designed to work alongside diesel engines and were created together with renowned diesel engine manufacturers to guarantee optimal performance.

All generators are also designed with high vibration and shock resistance to improve their durability and keep them running smoothly for decades to come. In addition, Hitzinger generators also undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can perform well, even under adverse conditions.

Hitzinger is a reliable producer of generator technology that is specially optimised to meet the requirements of many different rail vehicles. Their products are versatile and are suitable for many different applications.

Supply generators for rail vehicles

Hitzinger produces supply generators to supply power to the auxiliary components of rail vehicles such as fans and air conditioning. These generators are powered by the main diesel engine, or through hydraulic motors. They can also be fitted inside or underfloor to meet the requirements of different rail vehicles, making them suitable for use in a variety of different locations.

Both the traction and supply generators have a performance capacity of up to 4,000kVA, and feature rectifier mounting for DC operation. The generators use Hitzinger’s innovative technology, providing optimum efficiency in a user-friendly way.

About Hitzinger

Based in Austria, Hitzinger is one of the leading suppliers of aggregates, generators, and converters. Hitzinger produces alternators and power systems suitable for use in hydropower, marine, and rail applications. The alternators have been used in small hydropower plants, naval ships, rail vehicles, and industrial applications such as harbour cranes. The company is involved in both the design and manufacturing process to create stare-of-the-art alternators, and we consistently invest in research and development to ensure that the Hitzinger alternators are always ahead of the competition.

Hitzinger is known for their reliability and its solutions have helped to successfully secure clients’ energy supplies for many years. With a focus on green energy and customer satisfaction, Hitzinger prioritises delivering enhanced performance and optimal handling in an innovative way. Their clients include businesses from across the globe including Siemens, DHL, Swissport, and Virgin Atlantic.