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Waterborne Coating Systems for Train Interiors

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Hi-Flight is the UK distributor for HSH INTERCOACH, the waterborne coating system for train interiors. We offer train manufacturers and operators the full range of INTERCOACH products, technical knowledge and an interior painting service to help them meet increasing time demands.

INTERCOACH products feature:

  • A full waterborne coating system, including cleaners, primers, fillers and topcoats
  • A product that is easily applied by spray gun or roller with a very fast drying time
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) for painting and touch-ups in-situ
  • High mechanical and UV resistance
  • A large international technical sales and support network
  • Fast supply of products worldwide
  • A product that will comply with the stringent fire and toxicity requirements of the industry

One-component waterborne fillers

INTERCOACH 5100/5100S is a one-component waterborne filler for maintenance and repair, which can be used to fill porosities and repair scratches and small areas of damage. INTERCOACH fillers are extremely easy to sand by hand or machine, have an excellent drying time and outstanding mechanical resistance characteristics. They are also available in a number of colours.

One-component topcoats

INTERCOACH 5600 is a one-component coating, which saves on waste material. It has a high solid content and low VOC, and provides excellent adhesion and mechanical resistance. It has a very fast drying time of between 20 and 30 minutes and is easily used in the confines of the carriage by spray or roller. It can also be used for overnight touch-ups in the sidings or during a heavy maintenance programme.

Hi-Flight offers a wide selection of INTERCOACH products.
Hi-Flight also offers interior painting services.
INTERCOACH’s full waterborne coating system includes cleaners, primers, fillers and topcoats.
INTERCOACH offers a product that will comply with the stringent fire and toxicity requirements of the industry.

Two-component topcoats

INTERCOACH 5800 is a two-component topcoat, which has an excellent pot life of between three and six hours. It has outstanding mechanical resistance and is designed for areas subject to heavier impact and usage. It has a high solid content, low VOC and replaces the decorative laminate. It also has a short drying time of 30 minutes until it is touch dry. This product can save money as it can be applied by spray or roller directly to the substrate, which means there is no need for a primer.

Flexible aliphatic urethane finishes

INTERCOACH 5500 is a highly flexible aliphatic urethane-based finish, designed for application on leather seat covers and areas of movement or vibration.

Non-crazing cleaners and degreasers

INTERCOACH 5025 is a concentrated water reducible non-crazing cleaner / degreaser for cleaning prior to paint. It is also excellent as a general cleaner.

Specialist train interior painting services

Hi-Flight is also an interior painting company that specialises in high-quality aircraft and train finishes. Our team, using their years of experience in the industry, can help you to choose an interior colour scheme suited to your corporate image. We have worked on a vast range of interiors, from modernising old and dull interiors and giving them a fresh, up-to-date look, to painting new OEM panels and parts.

At our paint finishing centre, our highly-trained painters can carry out repairs and refinish anything from a full carriage interior ship set to individual parts. We have painted meal table sets, leather seat covers, seat backs, trolleys, arm caps, to name a few.

If your carriage is not able to be dismantled, our team of experienced painters can come to your service facility and refinish your interior in-situ onsite. We understand there is an urgency in the rail business and are able to work fast turnarounds but at the same time assuring our clients of an excellent level of workmanship.

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