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Power Resistors, Braking Resistors, Snubber Resistors and Custom Resistor Devices

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HEINE Resistors is one of the leading manufacturers of power resistors for customized solutions. HEINE produces them for a wide range of railway applications, including braking resistors, snubber resistors and tailor-made resistor devices.

HEINE’s capabilities include power resistors from 40W to several megawatts, which can be used as:

  • Braking resistors
  • Ballast resistors
  • Snubber resistors
  • Damping resistors
  • Resistor devices

Band resistors

For band resistors, the individual resistor elements are made of band material imprinted in longitudinal direction. Depending on the application, several resistor and stainless-steel alloys with high energy absorption capacity may be used.

Cooling is performed by free or forced convection (ventilators). High mechanical strength and resistance to climate and salt mist is guaranteed by the selection of materials. The resistor can be installed under floors (for metros), roof-mounted (trams and trolleybuses) or as a resistor tower (locomotives).

Compact resistors

Compact, intrinsically safe resistors are based on a high-quality resistor alloy embedded in a aluminium-profile housing. In this way the high-energy absorption capacity is maintained. The degree of protection is up to IP 66.

Frame resistors

Modular frame resistors may be used in a versatile manner due to their space-saving construction. The modules consist of frames made from an electrically insulating or metal material. Ceramics are fixed on the frames to lead the resistance wire.

Steel grid resistors

For steel grid resistors, the individual resistor elements are made of stainless-steel material with several grid dimensions depending on the resistance value and according to the application.

About HEINE Resistors

HEINE Resistors’ world-leading power resistors for customized solutions are available for a wide range of railway applications. HEINE is a medium-sized company with headquarters in Dresden (Germany) with an office and production floor totalling 5,000m². This traditional enterprise was founded in 1904. In recent years HEINE has also established a subsidiary in China, near Shanghai.

Experts in design and production of tailor-made solutions worldwide, the company supplies 100% high-quality products. HEINE has been certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and DIN 6700-2, and has also received IRIS certification.

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