ESCHA TSL is the number-one supplier worldwide of pushbuttons, signal lights, buzzers and LED illumination for the railway industry. Our high quality products are used in trains, trams, undergrounds and buses since 1986. We provide our customers with individual designs and innovative solutions.

Trains are in operation worldwide along various longitudes and latitudes. ESCHA TSL products are designed in a way that allows their use in all climate zones. A door opening button, for instance, must operate at extreme high temperatures with dust just as reliably as with high humidity or at freezing temperatures.

In addition to functional reliability, passenger comfort is a priority at ESCHA TSL: Large touch surfaces on pushbuttons, optimal brightness of LED lights, and acoustic warning- and information signals make daily life easy for passengers. Raised pictograms, low activation forces and Braille writings are helpful for people with restricted mobility.

TSI-PRM, Braille and raised pictograms for train pushbutton systems

Our development and design makes a particular point of our products being easily recognized and operated by people with reduced mobility. Buttons, switches, and lights comply with the recommendations of the associations and evidently meet the required standards and guidelines such as the TSI-PRM.

We set a special focus on people with reduced mobility!
With a high variety of buttons and lights including intelligent wiring solutions ESCHA TSL provides customer specific solutions depending on the application area and its requirements
The easy and pluggable wiring of all components and diagnosis functions, minimize installation- and repair periods. This saves money and increases customer satisfaction
PK52 - the pushbutton for passengers, operators and manufacturers. It represents the optimal combination of design, function and costs
GR² Products are our special choice of pushbuttons and display devices with the best graffiti remover resistance in the market due to our patented switching-technology

Door applications, pushbuttons, signal lights, buzzers, LED illumination, cables and connectors

Our range of train door applications includes:

  • LED step-lights
  • LED down-lights
  • Door opening buttons
  • Wiring solutions: Rail approved cables, connectors and junction boxes
  • Warning devices (sound modules)
  • Display devices
  • Signal lights

Wet room applications, sensors, signal lights, pushbuttons, cables, connector and displays

We provide a range of train wet room products, including:

  • WC signal lights (acoustic and optical)
  • Button panels (soap, water, dryer)
  • LED-Lights (down lights, signal lights, ambience lights, …)
  • Pushbuttons (door opening, flushing, SOS, …)
  • Level-monitoring system for fresh and waste water composed of sensors, displays, control box and wiring solutions

Tactile door-opening buttons

We also supply a range of tactile door-opening buttons, including:

  • Largest active touch-surface of this type of button
  • Tactile switching
  • Lateral recognition of lights and signals
  • Programmable light- and sound signals
  • Extended voltage range 24VDC-110VDC
  • Parameterized switching functions

GR² Products – graffiti remover-resistant pushbuttons and signal lights

We can supply a wide range of graffiti remover-resistant (GR²) products, including:

  • Temperature range -50°C – +80°C
  • Reliable function in harsh environment (e.g. sand, dust, freeze)
  • Guaranteed function after use of special gel-like cleanser
  • No openings no moving parts due to patented switching technology