On 10 June, the three-day Western China International Traffic Construction Expo 2023 (WCTCE)  came to an end at Chongqing International Expo Center.

The new-mode and new energy products, such as rack rail trains, hanging monorail trains, and hybrid locomotives of the company, were on display at the expo, attracting many businessmen’s attention.

With the theme of ‘Innovation-driven, Intelligent Moving, Ecological Priority, Low-carbon & Energy-Green’, the WCTCE comprehensively showcased the breakthroughs and landmark achievements achieved in transportation, such as smooth channels, dense networks, and strong hubs. It also highlighted new platform construction in western China, which focused on promoting the diversified and integrated development of transportation digitisation, low carbonation, and industrialisation, and has also been a pioneer in leading the high-quality development of western China.

The rack-rail train has strong gradeability and a high degree of intelligence; the hanging monorail occupies less land and has good environmental coordination. The hybrid locomotive is also energy-saving, fuel-saving, and noise-reducing. Three new-mode and new energy products have received great attention from many government leaders and merchants because they meet the national requirements for energy conservation, emission reduction, and green development.

On 9 June at the 2023 China Urban Rail Transit Development Summit of WCTCE, the company also made an introduction with the theme of ‘New Mode and New Energy Rail Transit Systems’, comprehensively demonstrating the breakthroughs and achievements in railway transportation hi-technology and equipment.