Chinese and foreign guests, experts, scholars, and business leaders from 32 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America gathered together to carry out in-depth exchanges and business negotiations for the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt, facilitating policy coordination, infrastructure connectivity, trade cooperation, financial integration, and people-to-people exchanges among countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt.

In the exhibition area, many visitors were greatly interested in the SDA4 locomotive.

The SDA4 narrow-gauge mainline AC diesel locomotive is a metre-gauge locomotive for passenger and freight transport exported to Thailand by CRRC Ziyang. The maximum service output of the diesel engine is 2060kW, the axle load is 16t, and the maximum running speed is 100km/h.

Ziyang-made locomotives are popular in Thailand, and currently more than 20 units of Ziyang-made locomotives are running on Thailand’s lines.

The hanging monorail train, a new-mode rail transit product from CRRC Ziyang, also gained many fans at the expo. It has the characteristics of green, environmental protection, safety, less land occupation, a short construction period, and strong environmental adaptability.

In 2016, CRRC Ziyang successfully developed the first commercial hanging monorail train in China, creating a precedent for the marketisation of hanging monorail trains in China.

In 2020, CRRC Ziyang completed the schematic design of a hanging container monorail freight vehicle.

So far, CRRC Ziyang is the only enterprise in China with the ability to develop hanging vehicles for both passenger and freight transport.