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Electrical Protection for the Rail Industry

Melton Road,
Burton-on-the-Wolds, Leicestershire,
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Today’s railways make great demands of all onboard electrical systems.

From power semiconductors used to drive motors to the many auxiliary systems for HVAC, instrumentation and control applications, the need for fast-acting circuit protection has never been greater.

Circuit protection for the rail and mass-transit industry

As OEMs develop products for different and diverse markets in rail and mass transit applications, Cooper Bussmann is keeping up to speed with a comprehensive and global range of DC traction fuse links to meet the latest challenges. Designed specifically to withstand the rigours of rail operations, the range is just the ticket for protecting vital equipment from overcurrent and short circuit events.

The Cooper Bussmann circuit protection product range falls broadly into three categories:

170M series for power conversion.
FWK series for auxiliary power and distribution circuits.
FWS series for instrumentation and control applications.
FWS series for instrumentation and control applications.
  • Main electrical feed, ie. catenary/pantograph and third rail applications
  • Auxiliary power and distribution, ie. HVAC, motors
  • Instrumentation and control, such as relays, lights, controls and meters

High-speed fuse links for heavy rail applications

We provide a range of high-speed fuse links for heavy rail applications in main electrical feeds such as catenary high wire or pantograph high wire. There is also a range of fuse links for third rail applications, including:

  • 170E series
  • 170M series
  • ABWN series
  • SF75X series
  • SF100X series
  • KB series

Auxiliary power and distribution

For high speed protection in both light and heavy rail applications, we offer a range of fuse links to protect heating, lighting and motor circuits that feature extremely low let through and very high DC voltage capacity in highly inductive loads. Products include:

  • FWK series
  • FWL/FWS series
  • SF75X series
  • NC series
  • RC series
  • NBC series
  • WC series
  • CH127 series (fuseholders)

Converter fuse links

We provide products for all AC/DC and DC/AC power conversion applications, especially in IGBT inverter circuits with DC link voltages up to 1000Vdc. These include:

  • 170M series
  • SF75X series
  • IGBT fuses

Drive fuse links

We also provide a range of drive fuse links for the protection of all AC/DC and DC/AC power conversion circuits, including 170M series and SF75X series.

Instrumentation and control

We can supply a range of fuse links and fuse holders to protect those important onboard systems, including relays, lighting, controls and meters. Products include:

  • DMM series
  • FWL/FWM series
  • WRC series
  • 054 series
  • CHM series ( fuseholders)
  • CH127 series (fuseholders)

Signalling and infrastructure

We also supply a comprehensive range of products to provide circuit protection in signalling and infrastructure applications, including:

  • Medium voltage fuse links
  • Specialist DC fuse links
  • Standard range of fuse links, holders and bases
  • Enbray contactors


Melton Road
Burton-on-the-Wolds, Leicestershire
LE12 5TH
United Kingdom