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DC Traction Substation Products and Systems

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Founded in 1962 for the production of LV and MV disconnector and disconnector switches, COET today operates in two main sectors: industry and traction. In the last few years the company has become one of the leading companies in the Italian market for the supply of equipment for traction substations.

Traction power supply systems for railways, metros, trams and trolleybuses

COET products are used in traction power supply systems for rail (3kV), metro, tram and trolleybus (0.75kV-1.5kV) applications. These products include the following.

DC traction disconnectors

The SFI line of disconnectors suitable for DC traction applications is fully type-tested at CESI. These disconnectors are used in a DC power supply system for disconnection, by-pass, earthing and change-over.

Blades are equipped with a high number of pressure springs, which, along with hardened contacts, allow them to maintain a very high performance level, especially concerning voltage drop and low heating. A number of options give them a very high level of flexibility.

Disconnector switches (load brake swtches)

A wide range of load brake switches is available for 750VDC, 1.5kVDC and 3kVDC systems; rated current from 1,000A up to 6,000A, in single or bipolar execution, can be supplied. Both manual and motorised (with manual emergency operation) versions are available. A variety of different options allow us to customise our disconnector switches according to different international requirements.

Switch disconnecting panels

COET manufactures a line of modular panels, where our disconnectors and/or switch disconnectors are combined to satisfy the most complex solutions of the traction systems. The main features which make this line unique in the market are full segregation between each unit and incoming and outgoing cables; motor operation; emergency manual operation; contact visibility; voltage presence relay; ground fault relay; PLC; and an Ethernet switch.

Indoor and outdoor disconnecting units

Equipped with load brake switches, our indoor and outdoor disconnecting units provide very fast reconfiguration of the track system, guaranteeing the continuity of the power supply. Their main applications are for urban and suburban tram, metro, trolleybus and rail lines.

Negative voltage limiting device

To comply with EN 50122 1 and 2 standards, each traction substation must have a negative voltage limiting device. COET has developed and now manufactures a product fully compliant with these standards, and which is available in seven different versions for 750VDC, 1.5kVDC and 3kVDC with a making capacity of 35kA, 50kA and 100kA with 1,000A continuous withstand current.

DC traction substation systems

The technical department is the heart of our company: an experienced team of mechanical and electrical engineers works daily to satisfy the most demanding customers. Besides a complete range of standard products, innovative solutions can be tailored to customers’ requirements.

ISO-certified substation equipment

COET has been ISO 9001-certified since 1992, meaning all products are designed and manufactured internally according to very high quality levels and in compliance with the strictest international standards.

Italy is the major market for COET, but through Italian contractors a large amount of COET equipment has been in service for many years in projects worldwide, providing full satisfaction for many international users.


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