CAF Power & Automation designs and develops electric traction systems, energy storage systems and control and communication systems, which guarantee adaptable reliable and committed solutions with transport.

Our systems are modular and flexible and can be integrated both in new vehicles and in those in service or that need refurbishment, from trams to locomotives.

Our worldwide experience has made us a benchmark in the design and manufacturing of systems for the railway sector.

Traction systems

Our traction systems are modular, configurable and are delivered ‘turnkey’.

Traction converters for multi-system locomotives can be adapted to various existing catenary voltages, i.e. both to AC catenaries (25kV, 15kV) and DC catenaries (3kV, 1.5kV).
Traction converters for diesel-electric locomotives are adapted to the existing technologies (DC and AC), and even solutions are proposed which enable the update of technology.
The company's 25kVAC Electric traction converters are based on IGBT technology and designed for improved performance.
CAF Power & Automation offers 750VDC electric traction converters for metros.
The company also provides 750VDC electric traction converters for trams.
The company provides the COSMOS train control and monitoring system.
FREEDRIVE is a system based on ultracapacitors and / or lithium batteries. It is modular and easy to integrate in new and existing vehicles, whatever the manufacturer.
EVODRIVE is an on-board system developed by CAF Power & Automation to maximise energy efficiency in rail transportation.

The traction converter, developed with our own technology, underpins the entire traction chain. We specify each component to obtain optimum electronic equipment, adapted to each customer’s specific needs.

The traction converters proposed are designed to be more energy-efficient and provide easy access to the internal components, allowing the equipment to be maintained properly.

Furthermore, these solutions can be integrated in new vehicles and those being modernised.

Greentech: Energy storage systems

CAF Power & Automation combines technology, efficiency and sustainability with the energy storage systems Greentech, a range of products designed for managing energy with the utmost efficiency and in an environmentally friendly way.

Our storage systems enable catenary-free running and braking energy recovery, reducing the environmental impact in cities and contributing to pollution-free rail transport. Also, they are modular and configurable, making them easily adaptable to requirements or needs.

Greentech systems have led us to become a leading provider of energy storage systems for the railway sector.

COSMOS: Train monitoring and control solutions

COSMOS is a train monitoring and control system (TCMS) based on the TCN communications standard. It is a ‘plug-and-play’, robust, modular and flexible system, designed for efficient control of the train and easy integration with other train systems.

COSMOS incorporates a powerful HMI that enables the driver to keep all the train’s systems monitored in an ergonomic way by a user-friendly interface. Our control electronics engineering provides easy configuration, start up and train maintenance.

ATENEA On-board: Connectivity solutions

ATENEA On-board provides an intelligent on-board solution that enables you to concentrate on-board information and make it available to land through the most appropriate wireless communications channels.

This solution is modular, scalable and provides remote access to elements connected to the on-board Ethernet network via a train-land connectivity system, and position of the trains by GPS module.

ATENEA Wayside: Remote, intelligent and centralised fleet management

ATENEA Wayside is the land application responsible for centralised, remote feet management, handling communications intelligently, providing the user with a graphic interface for interacting with each train. It enables data to reside both in the cloud and in the actual customer’s installations.

Railway systems modernisation and refurbishment

With the modernisation and refurbishment of railway systems, we work to add value to fleets: improved load and adherence capacity, performance optimisation and improved reliability of power and control electronic systems.

Without neglecting the need to optimise the costs of each operation, equipment renovation allows us to increase the service life and availability of fleets, thereby reducing maintenance events.

Our multidisciplinary team, advanced technology and tried and tested solutions on a global scale, whereby guaranteeing a complete service:

  • Equipment and components
  • System integration
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and guarantee

Railway system maintenance

At CAF Power & Automation we believe that proper maintenance of the equipment is vital and we therefore provide a service that adds value to our systems throughout the train’s lifecycle.

We are working to extend our products’ working life, achieving longer times between overhauls. We provide personalised advice, and our aim is to increase your fleet’s availability while also reducing maintenance costs to a minimum.

CAF Power & Automation offers a range of services, including:

  • Technical support
  • Repair and sale of spares
  • Training
  • Test bench
  • Fleet management