Brand-Rex is a leading global supplier of high-performance cables for extreme environment applications.

Rail signalling and communication cables

Brand-Rex has extensive experience of products and materials used in the rail industry. Over many years we have developed a comprehensive range of cabling products used in signalling and communications. Brand-Rex’s signalling and communications cables are approved to London Underground’s demanding specifications, amongst others.

Cables for inductive loop, communication, signalling and crossing systems

Brand-Rex’s rail cables can be used for a variety of railway applications. These include inductive loop systems, communication systems, signalling systems and track crossing systems.

Rail structured and high-performance cables

Brand-Rex supplies structured cabling systems for data networks and high-performance cables for extreme environments.
Brand-Rex's signalling and communications cables are approved to London Underground's demanding specifications.
Brand-Rex VOICE cables consist of 0.51mm polyolefin-insulated conductors formed into one or more units of twisted pairs.

Brand-Rex’s full portfolio of structured and high-performance cables for rail applications is comprised of:

  • Inductive loop cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Data communication cables
  • Rolling stock wire and cables
  • Earth wire and cable
  • Polyrad cables
  • RSE cables
  • Axle counter
  • Fibre-optic cables
  • Multi-conductor cables
  • Armoured cables
  • Rodent/termite resistant cables
  • Concentric-construction cables
  • Highly flexible construction cables
  • Shielded-construction cables
  • Track crossing cables

Halogen-free train-control power cables

Brand-Rex’s halogen-free power cables supply train-control power-to-power distribution panels, typically via a UPS.

LSZH single-core cables

SE1093 single-core cables are designed for the connection of either AC or DC circuits in fixed applications inside or outside of rail vehicles.

Single-core signalling earth and power cables

SE774B single-core high-performance signalling earth and power cables are used in safety signalling equipment rooms.

High-temperature, abrasion and chemical-resistant cables

Brand-Rex manufactures niche cables for applications where high temperature, abrasion and chemical resistance, aw well as size and weight limitations, are particular challenges. These cables are found in rail, marine, aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.