BF1 Connect offers the rail industry a complete range of electrical interconnect solutions, wiring harness components, tools and accessories. We are a trusted supplier to rail, industrial, defence, aerospace and motorsport markets, understanding the specific requirements each sector rightly demands.

As an official and ‘preferred status’ distributor for Souriau, BF1 Connect holds significant stock levels to ensure parts are dispatched quickly. In addition to this, we provide technical engineering support for all its customers, and therefore offer more than just a distribution service.

IP68/IP69K plastic circular connectors

The Trim Trio range of connectors from Souriau includes the UTS IP68/69K-rated plastic circular connector. Low-cost and extreme-environmental sealing with a rapid locking system, these connectors are easy to connect in difficult places because of their ergonomic thermoplastic design. The latest hi-seal connector gives an extreme sealing performance in unmated conditions, and the RJ45 edition – intended for high-speed Ethernet connection – does likewise in severe environments.

The series also include the UTP, UTG, UTO and UTV connectors – all offer high performance and versatility in any industrial application. The contacts can be used in any combination with any connector from the Trim Trio range and are available in machined, stamped and formed, coax and fibre-optic styles.

UTS connectors are rapid, secure and high performance, and also available in screw termination, discrete wire sealing, hi-seal and RJ45 formats.
IP68/IP69K plastic circular UTS connector with rapid locking system.
8STA and 8TA circular connectors are designed to withstand high levels of shock and vibration and are sealed to IP67 standard.
Heat-shrink boots and sleeving are also available from stock.
A large selection of wiring harness components such as wire, nut-plates, glue, dust caps and tooling are available from BF1 Connect.

Miniature circular connectors for harsh environments

8STA and 8TA miniature circular connectors for harsh environments are a compact
miniaturised solution, designed to withstand high levels of shock and vibration. Sealed to
IP67, they are environmentally resistant and versatile for extreme applications.

Heat-shrink boots, sleeving, wire, connector tooling and wiring harness products

We also supply heat-shrink boots, sleeving, wire, connector tooling and all wiring harness products. Please contact us for a complete listing.

In-house wiring-installation engineering support

In-house engineers provide information and advice to allow you to extract the maximum performance, reliability and durability from your wiring installation. To meet packaging, vibration and extremes-of-temperature needs, BF1 Connect offers advice to choose the most appropriate solution for your rail application. Engineers provide full technical support by phone, email or site visit, ensuring fitness for purpose over the product lifetime.

Rail electrical connectors and components

Our comprehensive range of electrical connectors and components for all rail applications includes components for the following applications:

  • Auxiliary power
  • HVAC
  • Data transmission
  • Passenger information systems
  • Cabin and door systems
  • Braking systems and sensors
  • Inter-coach

Electrical connector assembly facility and rapid delivery

Together with in-house technical expertise, our dedicated and experienced sales team ensures you will receive samples and production parts within the shortest lead times. From a one-off requirement to mass production volumes, each order is tracked at every stage to ensure you receive the correct parts in the quickest time. Backed up by our own assembly facility, we can even deliver hard-to-find key ways or more unusual layouts in the shortest time.

Electrical-installation accessories, spare parts and assembly tools

BF1 Connect also offers a full range of accessories, spare parts and assembly tools, providing a complete solution for building and maintaining your electrical installation. Everything from crimping tools to nut-plates and heat-shrink boots is available from our well-stocked warehouse.