Stewart Connector has released specification of automotive-grade connectors that comply with SAE/USCAR-2 standards, designed for next-generation vehicles that utilise Ethernet communication inside the automobile.

Stewart Connector’s automotive-grade passive RJ45 connectors are compatible with vibration and sealing requirements necessary to comply with SAE/USCAR2-6 standards. Extensively tested, these automotive connectors are UL recognized, RoHS compliant and capable of supporting high-temperature applications with an operating temperature of 100°C. They are ideal for applications like driver-assist radar, cameras, media converters and gateways.

The automotive industry is moving swiftly to incorporate Ethernet signals and cabling to replace existing CAN bus signalling used today. Ethernet is faster in transmission speed and lighter in cable weight. The RJ45 connector offers a proven, reliable connectivity alternative to meet the transportation industry’s increasing requirements.

Part Numbers:

  • SS74800-132F Right Angle LED connector capable of 1G through 2.5G Base-T

Other Related Parts:

  • SS-60400-001 IP67 Rated Vertical Connector capable of 1G through 10G Base-T
  • SS-60300-011 Compact Non-LED Right Angle Connector capable of 1G through 10G Base-T
  • SS71800-121F Right Angle RJ45 Modular Connector (factory stock)

Stewart Connector products are available at Digi-Key, Mouser, and Newark. For more information, fill out the enquiry form on this page.