Signal Transformer, a Bel group company, has released its High Current Toroidal Choke (HCTC) and High Current Toroidal (HCTI) Design Kit Combination.

Featuring 16 of their most popular HCTC and HCTI Series components in a convenient compartmented case, the wide assortment supports power conversion engineers with a high degree of flexibility during their design and selection process. The HCTC and HCTI Series are applicable in a variety of industries ranging from industrial, electronic, telecommunications and power-to electric vehicle (EV).

Primarily for filtering common mode noise in switch mode power supply applications, the HCTC Series of toroidal chokes feature a solid carrier base for stable vertical PCB mounting and fixed pin spacing for easy PCB insertion, high current capacity and excellent EMI suppression. Utilization of the largest possible conductor size for reduced heat rise and selection of low loss core material ensures high efficiency in a small package while maintaining a competitive cost.

Designed for differential noise and power factor correction in switch mode power supply applications, the HCTI Series of toroidal Inductors feature high current carrying capability, vertical PC mounting for optimization of board layout, wide inductance and current range ratings, self-shielding for low magnetic flux radiation, a distributed air gap for high energy storage, high efficiency through reduced core loss and lower operating temperatures in comparison to traditional laminated inductors.

The HCTC Kit components range in inductances and currents from 1mH, 4.8A up to 1.2mH, 16A and HCTI Kit components from 1000µH, 2.4A to 22µH, 16.4A. To learn more, fill out the enquiry form on this page.