Signal Transformer has announced its new HCTC series common-mode toroidal chokes for design engineers and manufacturers specifying power supplies accommodating common-mode noise reduction and line filtering.

Featuring a solid carrier base for stable vertical printed circuit board (PCB) mounting and fixed-pin spacing for easy PCB insertion, the HCTC series offers high current capacity and excellent electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression, which provides flexibility in the selection process with multiple options available.

A wide range of inductance and current ratings offers an optimal board layout, allowing
cooler running EMI / radio frequency interference (RFI) filtering to be incorporated into multiple applications, including power supplies, liquid crystal display (LCD) panels, computers and monitors, direct current (DC)-DC converters and electric vehicle charging.

The use of the largest conductor size helps to reduce heat rise and low-loss core material allows for high-efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the industrial, electronic, telecommunications, power and electric vehicle (EV) industries.

Available in small or large batches, the HCTC series will be distributed through Digi-Key and Mouser. For more information, fill in an enquiry.