A revolutionary DIN Rail DC-DC converter LDD240-WU has been introduced by Bel Power Solutions. It offers flexibility, compactness and a high level of reliability.

It is fully isolated and highly efficient over a broad operating range of input and output voltages. The compact size and ease of installation make it ideal for most industrial applications, such as control panels, instrumentation, machine building and railway, and can complement or even replace existing models and families of DC-DC converters.

The LDD240-WU is a 240W, 4.2kV isolated DC-DC converter that can convert any DC voltage between 11V and 55V to any DC voltage between 5V and 55V, with 10mV resolution, using Digital Power regulation to give up to 240W output, a maximum of 10A.

Existing converters are based on a fixed input and output voltage, which generates many individual models (for example 24Vin, 48Vin, 5Vout, 12Vout and 24Vout) that need to be individually qualified and stocked.

With Bel Power’s new LDD240, only one model needs to be qualified and stocked, resulting in significant cost savings.

The output voltage setup can be set through the front panel, or through a Modbus over a USB interface, using either Windows or Android, for remote monitoring and control. Integrated ORing circuitry allows the units to be paralleled for power or redundancy.

Multiple self-protection mechanisms and user-settable constant current or hiccup mode limitation is also a key feature.

The LDD240-WU is currently in stock with Digi-Key. Additional detailed information can be found on the Bel Power Solutions LDD240-WU datasheet.