Our partner CETEST offers a global range of test, engineering, and monitoring services. The company focuses for example on the critical interaction between vehicle pantographs and overhead lines (OHL), a key aspect for validating new vehicles on existing infrastructures and approving new infrastructure designs while also impacting maintenance costs.

Leading this partnership is CETEST’s Test and Measurement Area Manager Carlos Carmuega, who has been involved in the development of a precision instrumentation system for contact force measurements, tested at speeds exceeding 350km/h. Our ASC 4421MF sensor plays a pivotal role in evaluating pantograph performance, comfort, and dynamics.

Moreover, our ASC QF-1211 sensor serves as a calibration reference, ensuring testing accuracy. Our sensors have successfully addressed electrical challenges caused by high voltages and maintained signal quality under external conditions like electromagnetic interferences.

The collaboration between ASC and CETEST has elevated testing standards in the transportation industry. We anticipate more innovative solutions as our partnership continues to thrive.