ASC is working in close collaboration with Nanjing Wijp Technology Co. for its sales in China. The general manager, Jason Ji, and his colleagues are delighted with this boost to their product portfolio, saying: “What we have here is reliable, high-precision, cutting-edge technology that has proven itself in numerous applications in the German market.” Mr. Ji knows from many years of experience that Chinese companies are impressed by the highly demanding applications of ASC sensors in the automotive and railway sectors.

ASC generates most of its sales in China from accelerometers, gyroscopes, and inertial measurement units. The high-precision inertial sensors are mainly used in the automotive sector and in the railway industry. “In addition to the quality of the sensors, Chinese customers particularly appreciate the high degree of flexibility with which ASC responds to individual requirements,” says Jason Ji.

ASC’s Chinese sales team currently consists of just a few people, yet due to high demand, the size of the sales team is soon to be significantly increased.