Arthur Flury AG, founded in 1920, is an internationally active company with a leading position in the design and manufacture of components for overhead contact lines.

The name Arthur Flury AG is guarantor for innovative high quality products fulfilling the customer’s requirements as well in Switzerland as abroad. The overheadline material of Arthur Flury AG is used in over 40 countries.

The products are developed and produced at Arthur Flury’s ISO9001 – approved factory in Switzerland and then shipped direct to site from the factory.

High-quality section insulators, phase breaks (neutral sections) and composite insulator rods

These section insulators and phase breaks are developed and manufactured by Arthur Flury AG, drawing upon our 60 years involvement with successful international projects. The company’s worldwide exposure ensures that customer feedback influences the development of new products.

Arthur Flury provides sectioning devices for low voltage DC operations, including trolley systems, tramways and suburban railways, and also high voltage AC systems, up to 25kV, for heavy rail and high-speed railways.

For separating different phases or high-voltage systems in the overhead line, Arthur Flury is a specialist in developing custom-made voltage separation as well as automatic switched phase breaks. The composite insulator rods for contact wire and catenary wires are a very important part of this technology.

Complete range of fixing components

A complete range of precision fixing components for catenary systems is available from a single source. Arthur Flury supplies conical couplers, forked collar sockets, droppers, contact wire splices and specialist clamps, all of which will meet the exacting standards of any railway system.

A clever product concept, mostly of copper-based alloys or high-grade stainless steel are manufactured by cold-forming processes, which ensures light, strong and reliable components for a long service life.

A comprehensive overhead contact line earthing program

Arthur Flury has a comprehensive range of specialist products for the temporary earthing of overhead contact lines during maintenance and repair.

The fundamental or deep earthing system for such structures as masts, antennas, chimneys, towers, transformer stations and houses meets the requirements of electrical engineering and lightning protection technologies. The systems are highly reliable, with lightweight voltage testers, up to 36kV, as supplementary products.

Specific overhead line solutions

Through years of research Arthur Flury has developed products and accessories of lightweight construction for this age of high-speed railways. Thanks to its comprehensive know-how and modular batch production, optimal solutions can be offered too for every railway company.

Representation and support

Thanks to the company’s international offices and its well-developed representative network, Flury products and services are present all over the world and contractors and customers trust in the know-how of its engineers.