AQ Trafo was founded in 1994 as a spin-out from ABB and has vast experience in the railway industry. We are one of the leading manufacturers of dry-insulated inductive components and our product range includes a broad spectrum of transformers and inductors.

Over many years, a conscious emphasis on technical development, quality assurance and environmental adaptation has given us a leading position in the market and our products are used in some of the most demanding applications.

Transformers and inductors for rolling stock

Our transformers and inductors are used in many critical and demanding applications such as main converters, auxiliary converters and electric cabinet assemblies. They are mounted on the roof, under the train, inside converter enclosures, in electric cabinets or on PCBs.

The products range from 1VA to 1MVA with a system voltage up to 3kV. Our product range includes:

DC line filter inductor, semishielded.
Assembly of two DC line filter inductors, iron core.
Three-phase transformer for auxiliary converters.
  • HF inductors – 25kHz
  • HF transformers – 15kHz
  • DC line filter inductors
  • Three-phase filter inductors with HF harmonics(typical 1.5kHz)
  • Harmonics filters
  • Mono and three-phase transformers
  • Air coils
  • Transformers with integrated inductor
  • Natural air / forced air / water cooled

Global rail inductor production

We aim to serve our customers globally through our sales and development offices in Sweden, Italy and China. Our cost-effective production in Bulgaria and China are located in the regions where our customers have their business. Regional sales, development, support and production continues to be an objective for AQ Trafo.

Welding for railway vehicle parts

AQ Trafo is committed to quality and reliability, and we continuously adapt to new requirements in the railway market. Our factory in Bulgaria passed IRIS certification against revision 02 of the standard in September 2010 and our factory in China is scheduled for certification in 2011.

In addition, all our factories are certified against EN ISO 15085-2 for the welding of railway vehicle parts.

Customised inductive components and analysis

AQ Trafo specialises in customised products and offers a number of advanced services including feasibility studies, CAD design, FE electrical and mechanical analysis and tests according to main EN/IEC standards.