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Infrastructure Components and Furnishings for Railway Vehicles

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Andiman & Co distributes a wide range of spare parts for the railway industry.

The company uses state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high-quality, precise materials to meet the specifications of its clients.

Fixtures for rail passenger cars

Andiman & Co supplies a broad range of materials to furnish the interior of passenger compartments from suppliers such as Ferro, and Dény Fontaine.

Andiman & Co is a European distributor of spare parts for the railway industry.
The company offers interior furnishings for passenger cars, such as doors, shelving and lighting.
Access control components, including readers, key and rolling stock locks, are available.
Shock absorbers are designed to control the vibration levels of rail vehicles.
The company provides customised profiles for vehicle motorisation and buffet cars.
Andiman & Co supports clients via its head office and railway logistics centres.

Ferro manufactures manual and automatic doors for train and bus networks. Pneumatic or electric-operated options are available, its products are designed to be compact, lightweight and reliable.

Dény Fontaine offers a wide range of access control products, including:

  • Mechanical, metal and rolling stock locks
  • Readers
  • Key, pass and cylinders
  • Access controls
  • Emergency exits
  • Accessories and peripherals

The company also offers customised solutions for on-board bar services.

Railway infrastructure components

Andiman & Co provides a selection of components to support the infrastructure and operation of railway vehicles.

Available products include cables, shock absorbers, nuts and anti-vibration solutions such as springs, casings and transmission blocks.

Installation enclosures, custom-designed profiles and a wide range of electrical engineering supplies, including cables and pantographs, are also available.

Cab parts and accessories

Andiman & Co offers an array of products and services to complement the driver’s compartment of a railway vehicle.

Available components include cable sleeves, windscreen wipers, headlights and horns, from suppliers such as Gueripel, Translec, Druseidt and Euro 2000.

The company also distributes detergents and maintenance products, which are designed to treat a train’s exterior and interior surfaces.

Translec produces modern exterior and interior lighting, in addition to electronic control systems for rail equipment. Using in-house design services, the company provides photometrics, electronics and mechanics solutions.

Gueripel offers in technical tube work such as beading, bending, deformation, painting and mechanical welding.

Euro 2000 supplies a wide range of metallic and PVC sleeves for electric cables and transporting liquids, including water and oil.

Druseidt’s various production processes enable braid manufacture for an array of flexible cords and cables, as well as welded connectors. All cabling is tailor-made according to specific applications.

The company also supplies a selection of components from Brot Technologies, including:

  • Electro-pneumatic actuators
  • Pantograph wiper arms and blades: straight or curved options available
  • Cleaning fluids for single or double membrane pumps
  • Polyethylene high-density (PEHD) tanks for storing cleaning tanks

About Andiman & Co

Strategically located in the centre of Europe, Andiman & Co is logistically in direct contact with both air transport and shipping sites.

The company supplies components from manufacturers such as Euro 2000, Druseidt, Calipri, Translec, Ferro, Deny Fontaine, Inspection Lamp, Anvis and Casram.

The company aims to quickly meet client requirements while working in close collaboration with their workshops, in order to ensure the highest level of quality and service.


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