The Tecalum Group is formed by three companies that specialise in aluminium. Based in northern Spain, we have more than 30 years of extrusion and technological development experience and offer high quality products, tailor-made to meet the requirements of every client.

Our services include advice on design and the choice of raw material, producing profiles and machining them in our own plant, applying surface finishes, manufacturing closure systems and packaging finished products.

At Tecalum we always offer our clients a high-quality service, and have created a flexible structure that allows us to adapt swiftly to changes and constantly innovate.

Aluminium engineering and design for the railway industry

Our engineering and design department offers its collaboration in new products, ensuring the wealth of experience we have acquired in manufacturing aluminium pieces is made available to all our clients.

Tecalum has more than 30 years’ extrusion and technological development experience.
We are ISO 9001 certified.
The aluminium billet is available in a wide variety of alloys and dimensions.
Our machining centres ensure the delivery of customer-specific products.
We offer five different types of packaging to ensure safe delivery.

Aluminium extrusion, machining, surface finishing and final packaging

Our in-house production department manufactures according to the specifications of our clients. This includes all processes necessary to create the required product – extrusion, machining, surface finishing and final packaging.

Design, manufacturing and management of aluminium pieces

We offer an integrated service that covers design, manufacturing and management. From managing your project from start to finish, controlling the phases and taking responsibility for the whole process, we commit ourselves to the shortest delivery time and guarantee the highest quality.

From the choice of raw material to the final packaging, everything is rigorously controlled, guaranteeing the best quality. We have been awarded ISO 9001 certification.

Surface treatments and finishes

All of our surface treatments and finishes are applied in line with the specifications set out in the EURAS and QUALICOAT guidelines.

Aluminium billets

The aluminium billet is made by the smelting of lengths to 7m and is available in a wide variety of alloys and dimensions. These alloys allow us to modify the technical features of the aluminium. They can be done with manganese, zinc, magnesium, copper or silicon.

We have seven different cutting lines that allow us to therefore tailor to our clients’ specific needs. For example, manual or automatic cut, cut of entire boxes, with two compresses or one, etc.

Our machining centres run using a program that automatically configures the correct technicalities required by the customer. This allows us to deliver a finished product that is exactly meets the clients requirements.

Box and palet packaging for aluminium

We offer five different types of packaging for our finished products. For orders where the aluminium is not being used aesthetically, we send the product using a box or industrial packaging. On orders where the product requires extra care, however, we use box and palet, palet and boxpalet packaging to ensure it maintains its appearance.