STX Finland Cabins is the world’s leading manufacturer of prefabricated modular cabins and bathrooms within the marine industry. With almost 30 years of experience in prefabrication and modular solutions, we are now at your service also in the rolling stock business.

Lightweight WC cabins

We produce lightweight WC cabins with innovative technical solutions for railway customers. All of our operations are certified according to ISO 9001. We are also part of the international shipbuilding group STX Europe, which occupies a strong global position in terms of developing state-of-the-art concepts, technology, processes and products for customers. STX Europe’s principal shareholder is the international industrial group STX.

We have developed a lightweight toilet module concept for trains, which offers new and cost-effective solutions for the customers.

Lightweight railway toilets

The STX toilet module concept is based on the use of our own lightweight and rigid sandwich panels and modular technical panels, with all technology integrated and concentrated to specific areas of the toilet module.

The toilet module concept is possible in different lay-out options.
STX Finland Cabins present at the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology, InnoTrans 2010.
Technical panel - wash basin.
Technical panel - toilet seat.
STX Finland Cabin's in-house product - the lightweight and rigid sandwich panel.

Our in-house product, the lightweight and rigid sandwich panel, is composed of aluminium surface sheets and a corrugated core structure, which are joined together with glue. The corrugated panels can be produced on our own roll-moulding line and the construction also enables the production of curved panel structures.

Modular technical panels for train toilets

With the specific modular technical panels, including all technology needed for the smooth functioning of the WC cabins, we can create a single-wall structure, which leaves more space inside the toilet module.

It also has a significantly lighter construction compared with double-wall structure. All modules in the toilet are changeable and the concept can be applied to all kinds of toilets.

Streamlined production process for train toilet modules

The production of toilet modules is carried out in our modern production facilities using the latest available technology. The production begins on the automated panel line, which is directly connected to our panel design system. The streamlined process is very easy to control, which guarantees consistent high quality.

Toilet modules for trains

Advantages of using the STX toilet module concept include:

  • The company’s own panel design and production – easy to control
  • Automated gluing line
  • Quality control during production
  • Mock-up area and facilities with skilled workers
  • Long experience in modular solutions
  • Continuous research and development
  • Standardised solutions
  • Single-wall-structure is achieved using technical solutions concentrated in specific technical panels
  • More space inside the toilet module
  • Lighter construction compared to double-wall-structure
  • All modules in the toilet are changeable
  • The concept can be applied for all kinds of toilet types