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Composite Panels and Ready-To-Assemble Kits for Train Interiors

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A leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of train interiors, SMTC provides flooring, partitions, tables, ceilings, lavatory doors, furniture, dining areas, and driver and staff cabins. Its products are lightweight, ready to assemble, and designed to last a train’s entire lifecycle.

Innovative outfitting for inside locomotives

SMTC has become a leading European OEM for train interiors by placing innovation at the heart of its strategy.

The company is constantly addressing the economic and environmental challenges facing the rail industry, and offering new solutions to meet future safety, accessibility, aesthetics and comfort requirements.

Table + is SMTC’s standard table with double-flap technology for better TSI performance.
A complete club car for an ALSTOM RISE refurbishment project. It includes curved sandwich panels with a high-standard finish.
A patented floor heating system for BOMBARDIER NAT. The floor panels can be plugged into different power supplies, and the heating is autonomous thanks to thermal sensors.
A ready-to assemble floor for an ALSTOM CORADIA Platform. The flooring includes floor covering, resilient mounts, thermal insulation, and all mounting interfaces, and can be rapidly assembled on trains.
Intercity Express Program tables for HITACHI RAIL EUROPE. Designed for the UK market, the tables comply with BS:6853 (fire-smoke-toxicity) and GMRT 2100 (mechanical) regulations.
A fold-out and cantilever table for kids, designed and manufactured by SMTC for ALSTOM TGV Lacroix.
A curved lavatory door panel for PRM access.
A variant of SMTC’s Table + that complies with PRM standards. The table features a bar and an SOS button.
A four-passenger bay table for the ALSTOM Intercité project. This table is available with a number of options, including a power socket, litter, magazine rack, and lighting.
A staff management area integrating electronics, storage, and mounting brackets.

SMTC enable manufacturers and operators to stand out from their competitors, and has achieved firsts for the rail industry, including:

  • The first tables to meet crash requirements
  • The first tables with technical specifications for operability (TSI) accessibility for persons with reduced mobility (PRM)
  • The first electric heated flooring
  • The first sound-transmitting ceilings
  • The first train roofs with photovoltaic panels

Composite panels for improved performance on trains

SMTC’s expertise in composite sandwich panels goes far beyond the design and bonding of materials. The company can integrate panels into systems to improve their performance.

Drawing on proven experience, SMTC delivers composite panels in ready-to-assemble kits that embed them with additional features, including mechanical resistance, lightness, thermal and acoustic insulation, vibration absorption, aesthetics, recyclability, and compliance with fire / smoke / toxicity regulations.

Management for train interior projects

Throughout its projects, SMTC combines solid know-how and innovation to advise and proactively suggest improvement to clients.

The company collaborates with clients in identifying challenges for projects as early as possible, and meet these challenges in accordance with quality, cost and delivery objectives.

A project manager is dedicated to every project and is the main point of contact for all technical discussions. They coordinate all operations across the development of the project, including:

  • Design: in-house engineering department to work independently or with the client
  • Qualification: the laboratory guarantees the reliability and durability of the solutions produced
  • Production: SMTC produce the customised composite panels at industrial scale
  • Kitting: machining, component integration, and finishing operations
  • Logistics: ergonomic packaging and integration into clients’ supply chain
  • Customer support: supply of all deliverables, cost optimisation, and after-sale service

Train interior production and supply

Built in 2012, the new 9,000m² production site enables SMTC to meet the expectations of its clients. The company’s quality, methods, planning and logistics departments ensure that operations run smoothly.

The layout of our several production workshops is designed to optimise flows and the supply-chain in the following areas:

  • Raw material preparation: sheet metal preparation, honeycomb expanding, profile cutting
  • Bonding cleanroom: two bonding robots, lay-up area
  • Pressroom: five heat presses, array of cold presses, oven, vacuum bagging
  • Machining centres: five CNC, including five axes
  • RIM workshop: low pressure polyurethane injection
  • Finishing workshop: dedicated product lines, organised into blocks

Material and bonding procedure inspection for rail interiors

SMTC’s laboratory qualifies new materials and processes, inspects bonding procedures, and guarantees the durability of solutions. It is recognised by clients as a reference in the qualification of composite-panel-based solutions.

The range of evaluative procedures at the laboratory include bonding qualification trials on universal traction machinery, standardised accelerated ageing in a climate chamber, shock and punching-resistance tests, wrenching resistance of inserts and riveted elements, real-scale critical stress measurement on a static test bench, as well as real-scale fatigue tests on a dynamic test bench.

International train interior projects

With a third of its business based in export, SMTC is developing its international presence by building long-lasting and trusting relationships with new partners.

The company’s project experience with multicultural teams, combined with an extensive knowledge of international standards, ensures the success of export projects.

About SMTC

Established in 1983, SMTC currently manages 190 employees across three commercial offices in Europe.

The company had a turnover of €21m in 2015, and has filed for 13 patents and three trademarks.

SMTC is involved in new and refurbishment programs for trains in every continent. Its main customers include ALSTOM, BOMBARDIER Transportation, SIEMENS, HITACHI, CAF, SNCF, Deutsche-Bahn, and KAWASAKI.

The company’s services comply with ISO: 9001, IRIS, AS 9100, Module B&D, DIN 6701-2, and EN15085 standards.

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