Seisenbacher offers highly efficient turnkey rail interior solutions that incorporate the company’s end-to-end in-house project management, guaranteeing high-quality standards and a short time-to-market.

The company incorporates engineering expertise in materials and composites during the initial planning and design phase, and aims to deliver an efficient and sustainable solution.

To shorten cycle times as part of its turnkey offering, Seisenbacher also provides in-house fabrication and localisation opportunities through its agent and partner network, which operates across carefully selected and continuously audited manufacturing sites.

Seisenbacher offers the Stadler / EC250 ceiling system with integrated air ducts and fixing system.
A ceiling system with integrated lighting and air-conditioning on the Siemens / Avenio QEC railway.
The company installed a ceiling system with air ducts and integrated lighting for Bombardier / Flexity Vienna.
Pesa / Dart luggage racks are provided with integrated background lighting, reading lights, and an electronic reservation system.
Seisenbacher supplied a ceiling system with air diffusors for the Siemens / Metro Riyadh.

IRIS-certified interior solutions for rail cars

As well as being an expert in metal engineering for interior solutions in-house, Seisenbacher works with composites such as high-pressure laminates (HPL) and glass-fibre reinforced (GFR) materials to manufacture its solutions.

Rail interior concepts can be designed from scratch or the company can help clients to complete their designs, consider cost-efficiency opportunities and discuss options.

Interior solutions range from small projects, including ceiling panels and luggage racks, or larger installations such as ceilings, floors, tables and toilet units.

Sales and engineering services for complete rail interior designs

Seisenbacher helps client to gather all the necessary facts to complete an initial design concept.

The company ensures that it understands a client’s specifications, ideas and underlying market challenges, such as different transport and traveller requirements, cultural differences, and legal aspects, and includes them in its initial designs.

Seisenbacher collaborates with engineering and delivery teams throughout the project lifecycle until the full contract has been successfully delivered.

The company’s logistics team engages with purchasing teams to ensure that the optimal supply chain solution is identified and agreed prior to the first production of the solution being shipped.

ISO-compliant metal processing

Using its expertise in metal engineering and fabrication, Seisenbacher produces a large number of solutions in-house.

The company’s metal processing machinery has been consistently updated to offer an automated engineering environment for producing complex and delicate rail car components.

Seisenbacher’s experienced production staff and technicians work with a variety of machinery and materials to produce customer-specific solutions.

Spanning more than 130,000ft², the company’s production area is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, and features modern machinery and tooling, quality assurance (QA) and test facilities, a certified bonding room, and large assembly and logistics facilities.

Composite plastic and metal materials for rail car components

Seisenbacher’s frequently used interior materials include fibre-reinforced plastic panels, lightweight composite mouldings, phenolic composites, high-strength aluminium steel and special metals, honeycomb and sandwich panels.

Manufacturing services include cutting, profiling, stamping, drilling, machining, and welding up to C1 class. The company also has access to an in-house tooling shop, special (EN-class) adhesive bonding and assembly facilities.

Full-cycle rail project management

Seisenbacher’s dedicated project managers offer a single point of contact for customers, and work with internal and external teams to ensure project success.

The company’s project management approach is built on Project Management Institute (PMI) and Projects In Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) standards, has been refined and improved through client collaboration, and is certified under International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) v2 and ISO 9001: 2000.

Dedicated in-house project managers adjust project management tools to suit a client’s internal project requirements and retain transparency throughout all stages of the project.

The company ensures the success of projects by working with all participants in the value chain and maintaining open communication to ensure that all critical interfaces are seamlessly aligned.

Seisenbacher’s project management expertise covers detailed project plans and monitoring tools, tracking of milestones and deliverables, regular status reviews and updates, and continued risk management to ensure delivery in full and on-time.

Clients are also supported by the company during demanding growth phases with sustainable business and market development and turnkey solution delivery.

About Seisenbacher

Seisenbacher is a global partner that supports its customers in overseas countries as desired, whether through its own production facilities in Austria, or one of its SE-certified, regularly audited global partners or joint ventures.

The company’s global supplier network allows the company to maintain the quality of its solutions abroad and leverage engineering expertise worldwide.