RM System operates onsite on clients’ production lines. It will take on a range of rail orders in order to guarantee the success of every project. These range from simple orders to complete packages, as well as custom operations.

A rail industry outsourcing expert

The company regularly carries out operations in the railway industry such as the integration of seats, window mounting, flooring layout, cabling, insulating, and electric preparation. RM System works with experienced partners to ensure that customers receive a complete quality service, controlled and managed by an outside company that will provide a constant dialogue.

RM System’s core business is to be your partner in every industrial field. With a total commitment in various fields of intervention, it provides outsourcing services to provide a boost during growth periods, as well as allowing clients to concentrate on core business, optimise costs and manage off-peak activities.

Insulation of rolling stock

RM System can propose complete and innovative solutions for the insulation of vehicles, from the purchasing process to furnishing of the car body. It will offer a cash-flow advantage for the customer and is means-adapted to the success of the project. It does this by managing the supply chain, from the choice of the material to installation in rolling stock vehicles.

An engineer providing clearway modifications.
An RM System team tuning a train door.
An RM System team installing insulation on the interior of a carriage.
Insulation being measured and cut prior to installment.
Electronics for a carriage are prepared.
A car body ready to be outfitted.
RM is certified by a number of industry regulators.

Electric wiring for rail vehicles

The company is experienced in preparing electronics for the railway industry. It provides operations such as wiring, connectivity, tuning, quality control and modifications, all backed by extensive staff expertise. The company will guarantee the quality and the conformity of these installations to the customer.

After-sales rail maintenance

RM System also provides after-sales operations as a sub-contractor. The company guarantees the integrity of its preventive and curative maintenance operations; operating railway products and ensuring customer satisfaction. It also provides refurbishment operations, mechanical and electrical changes, retrofits and multiple-site operations. The flexibility and the mobility of its teams means that RM System can respond quickly and adapt to each project. RM System currently works with companies such as Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens, SNCF, RATP, and Hubner.

A certified quality rail service

RM System’s certifications have allowed the company to build an adapted training programme for our technicians in each field of intervention and to ensure a quality service from the start of a project to the end. It is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 standard for the implementation of industrial services to the railway industry, among others. Furthermore, RM System is also compliant with DIN 6701-2 for adhesive bonding in rail vehicle construction.