LPA Excil Electronics is an expert designer and manufacturer of advanced LED and fluorescent lighting systems and electronic products for the rail and shipping industries. All products comply with the following standards:

  • EN50121-3-2 (for EMC)
  • EN61373 (for shock and vibration)
  • EN50121-3-2, EN50155 and RIA12 (for surge and transience).
  • EN13272 (for lighting)
  • EN50155 (for environmental protection and safety)

LED-system luminaires

LPA first successfully developed an LED replacement for the fluorescent tube, but regarded this as only the first step. Adopting a holistic approach, LPA developed LumiPanel™, which replaces not only the fluorescent tube, but also the entire luminaire and power supply, in a panel only 20mm thick. It is available in any standard width above 200mm and in any length from 600mm upwards, in 300mm modules.

Lightweight, energy-efficient LED luminaires

LumiPanel weighs about 2kg less than a comparable fluorescent luminaire. It also delivers 10% more light output using up to 45% less energy than a comparable fluorescent luminaire.

Train LED luminaires

The LumiPanel is ideal for new-build trains, where interior design can optimise the application by replacing the traditional two side rows of luminaires with a single central LumiPanel running the length of the carriage. This affords additional weight and energy savings.

LPA Excil Electronics designs and manufactures advanced rail and marine LED and fluorescent lighting systems.
The LumiPanel™ LED luminaire replaces not only the fluorescent tube, but the entire luminaire and power supply.
LumiPanel weighs about 2kg less than a comparable fluorescent luminaire.
The LumiStrip™ system replaces life-expired fluorescent tubes and power supplies on existing luminaires.
We supply 1W LED downlights for trains.

Fluorescent tube and power supply replacement system for luminaries

LPA, recognising that there is a requirement to reutilise existing luminaires in maintenance upgrade and refurbishment situations, developed the LumiStrip™ system, which replaces the fluorescent tube and its power supply.

LumiStrip is fixed directly to the back tray of the luminaire and is connected directly to the train's electrical supply. It utilises the existing diffuser and offers up to 15 years' useful life and up to 25% energy saving compared with fluorescent tubes.

LED downlights for trains

LPA also spotted the need to replace inefficient dichroic light fittings and thus developed a range of triple 1W LED downlights (3W total power) in both fixed and eyeball style. These LumiSpot™ products have many train-borne applications, from reading lights to vestibule, toilet and cab lighting. 

The systems can also be used as an emergency back-up light with 3h emergency power capability. They offer a minimum 80% power saving compared to halogen equivalents, and reduce air-conditioning loads significantly due to a 'cool' beam output featuring no infrared or ultra-violet light.

Train back-lit advertising panels and 600mm² luminaires

Current and future developments of the LED-based LumiSeries™ of products include LumiAd™, a back-lit advertising panel, and LumiTile, a 600mm² luminaire based on the LumiPanel product.

Train LED lamps and bespoke LED lighting

We have also recently developed new LED MR16 lamps and bespoke LED lighting solutions for rail and marine applications.