Public joint-stock company Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works is one of the largest manufacturers of Ukrainian vehicles.

These include railway rolling stock ranging from mainline freight cars to passenger electric and diesel trains, metro cars, as well as chassis and components.

Freight cars for the railway industry

Originally founded in 1869, the Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works now manufactures more than 45 models of freight and specialised cars.

The company portfolio offers cars in various types and designs for 1,520mm and 1,435mm gauges, including open-top cars, hopper cars, tank cars, flat cars and box cars.

Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works manufactures a complete range of railway carriages.
Metro cars can be provided in a range of drives.
Freight vehicles for the railway industry include flat cars.
Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works manufactures hopper cars for freight rail operations.
More than 48 different models and modifications of passenger coaches are available.
Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works can also overhaul passenger coaches.
Freight cars are manufactured in 1,520mm and 1,435mm gauges.
Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works is one of the largest Ukrainian railway vehicles.

Passenger coaches for rail vehicles

The Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works manufactures more than 48 models and modifications of locomotive traction passenger coaches of various types and classes.

These include night and day trains for 1,520mm gauge, as well as passenger coaches for international traffic adhering with International Coach Regulations (RIC) regulations for 1,520mm or 1,435mm gauges and designed for speeds up to 160km/h.

In addition to providing new passenger coaches, the enterprise has the ability to overhaul coaches.

Inter-regional dual-system electric train

The high-speed dual-system electric train is designed to provide inter-regional transportation at speed of up to 200km/h. It is equipped with cars of first, second or third class.

Diesel train carriages

Passenger diesel trains are designed to provide regional passenger traffic at speeds up to 140km/h. They can be equipped with cars comprising first or second class.

All social transport vehicles manufactured by Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works are equipped with air-conditioning, water supply, vacuum toilets, information warning systems and automated diagnostic systems.

Carriages also feature electric outlets for laptops and other equipment, passenger information systems, video surveillance, wireless internet access and a GPS positioning system. In addition, they also provide accessibility equipment for passengers with disabilities.

Metro railway car manufacturing capabilities

Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works manufactures metro cars with various types of drives, including asynchronous or direct current. The enterprise also performs complex modernisation of metro cars.

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