Koshii Maxelum America is a leading manufacturer of passenger rail car interiors, with production facilities in Poughkeepsie, New York, US.

Renewable and recyclable passenger rail car interiors

We are an established wood products manufacturer, dedicated to the use of environmentally friendly raw materials for passenger rail interiors that are renewable, and recyclable, as well as dependable and pleasing to the passenger.

We provide thousands of decorative interior panels and flooring, kitted, on time, competitively priced and of the highest quality expected by the rail transportation industry.

Passenger rail car panels and interiors

Panels manufactured by Koshii include the complete assembly of hardware, trim, labels and signage, as well as sub-framing, providing a module interior unit ready for the car builder’s production line. Interiors are packed and shipped in kitted containers, and labelled and ordered as required for installation to the car body.

NYCTA subway train with interiors provided by KMA.
Interior of NYCTA subway car provided by KMA.
Stainless steel, seam-welded, watertight ply-metal or composite floor panel.
Koshii's thermoformed plastic interiors meet ASTM SFT requirements.

Specialty panels are shipred complete with powder-coated trim, pre-drilled assembly holes, mounting hinges, electrical components ready for wiring, signage and weather stripping. Each panel is individually inspected for conformance to customers requirements and an inventory is maintained for instant turnaround for unexpected damage in order to maintain continuous assembly line production flow.

We also provide finished panels for ceilings, cab partitions, side and end walls, door pockets, electric lockers, toilet compartments, luggage compartments, sub-flooring, windscreens, window masks, wainscot and modesty.

Renewable interior panels for railcars

Panels manufactured by Koshii have traditionally been fabricated with renewable materials such as wood, plywood, balsa and decorative, high-pressure laminate. For years Koshii interiors have provided the safety, durability, maintenance, functionality and aesthetics demanded by the rail industry.

More recently, in order to meet the industries need for a more desirable ergonomic appeal, Koshii interiors have begun to include thermo-plastic panels for lighter weight. This includes aluminium lightweight flooring with ultra lightweight balsa cores, as well as foam cores, which maintain the ability to seal out elements of moisture absorption while preserving the structural integrity of more durable plywood and stainless steel.

Reusable wood rail interiors

Interiors such as floors, designed with reusable wood products such as high-quality exterior construction plywood, are manufactured to the requirements of the American Plywood Association PS-1-2007 for use in wet environments, including rail cars.

This assures the ability to withstand cleaning, new finish flooring, ASTM smoke flame and toxicity compliance, as well as impact and vandal resistance, and ease of replacement, if required.

Watertight floor panels for the rail industry

Koshii’s seam-welded watertight perimeter is totally encapsulated in stainlesssteel and is by far the most durable floor panel the transit industry. The stainless-steel seam-weld is unique in lighter gauge stainlesssteel, as well as lightweight plywood.

The floor panel is still manufactured to the same marine-type plywood specification and contributes to a lightweight floor system that does not compromise on durability and safety.