Jukova, a Finnish company founded in 1958, provides interior furnishings for the passenger transport industry, including trains. One of the main reasons for the company’s success has been its close co-operation with customers. The company was founded as a family business that manufactured aluminium fittings and faucets, but has now grown into an international company.

Safe furnishings for city, metro and bullet trains

Jukova’s rolling stock products are all gathered under a single product line, Décorian. City trains, metros and bullet trains are the main targets for our products. The product line includes complete, high-quality, turnkey systems. When a high standard of safety is needed, Décorian is the brand to use.

The Décorian product line contains:

  • Ceiling modules
  • Luggage racks
  • Draught screens
  • Body, side and end panels
  • Aluminium fittings
  • Door pillars
  • Sofa beds
  • Magazine holders

Interior furnishings for rail passenger coaches

When designing the interiors of passenger cars, the balance between usability and costs can be difficult to find. Jukova has long experience in manufacturing interior systems for passenger cars that are cost-effective, efficient, comfortable and safe.

Jukova provides safe interior furnishings for city trains, metros and bullet trains.
The Décorian line includes ceiling systems complete with lights and speakers for passenger cars.
The Décorian range also includes handrails and luggage racks.
Train seats are also amongst the Décorian line offering.
Jukova has an efficient, in-house, 3D train furnishings design department.

The Décorian line includes ceiling systems complete with lights and speakers for passenger cars, as well as luggage racks, handrails, divider walls and fireproof sliding doors. For more comfortable travelling, magazine holders, litterbins and toilet modules are also available.

For vestibule areas, Jukova provides hinged ceiling systems and door mechanism covers for easy service access and luggage stacks for passenger comfort.

Furniture for train restaurant cars

Restaurant cars provide more than just nourishment for hungry travellers; they often set the mood for the whole journey. The difficult thing is to combine all the elements in the limited space available. With the Décorian line, Jukova offers draught screens and table assemblies to define the seating space and lighting panels to set the atmosphere.

The range also includes other elements that are not as visible but nevertheless essential, such as radiator covers and handrails. Jukova also provides ceilings for restaurant cars. As always the products are custom-made, complete systems.

Beds for rail sleeper cars

Jukova provides comfortable, easy-to-use beds, sofa beds and Pullman beds for sleeper cars. Jukova realises the importance of a good night’s sleep, which is why so much effort has been put into making the sleeping experience on a train as pleasant as possible. With limited cabin space, it is important that the beds are easy to use. On request, products can be customised to meet customers’ demands.

In addition to comfort, Jukova’s Décorian line of products is also marked by usability, convenience and safety. The range contains, for example, net racks for luggage, handrails, handles and radiator covers. Complete ceiling systems are also available for sleeper cars.

Interior design and furnishings for metro cars

Metros are often the most convenient way to transport people in large cities, and the resultant high passenger frequencies and full trains demand a lot from the interior design in metro vehicles. The materials and the shapes of the interior elements must be wear-resistant and durable enough to withstand everyday use.

Jukova manufactures draught screens, door pillars and handrail systems for underground trains around the world. Flexi-areas provide space for wheelchairs or trolleys. With the Décorian product line, Jukova also offers complete ceiling systems designed and custom-made for underground trains.

Custom furniture for rail rolling stock

Every customer has individual needs and Décorian products are tailored to suit them. In projects where large system deliveries are involved, Jukova is able to take on the overall responsibility from the early steps of design to the assembly of the finished product. The company’s aim is to serve customers with high quality, continuous product development and flexibility – today and tomorrow. 

3D train furnishings design

Jukova has an efficient, in-house, 3D design department that saves both time and money for our clients. Décorian products are tailored for versatile needs and the whole process starts from our design department.